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Honoring Milan Doshi

Rep. Pete Olson

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Mr. Speaker, I am privileged to interact with some of the brightest students in the 22nd Congressional District who serve on my Congressional Youth Advisory Council. I have gained much by listening to the high school students who are the future of this great nation. They provide important insight into the concerns of our younger constituents and hopefully get a better sense of the importance of being an active participant in the political process. Many of the students have written short essays on a variety of topics and I am pleased to share these with my House colleagues.

Milan Doshi is a junior at Elkins High School in Fort Bend County, Texas. His essay topic is: In your opinion, what role should government play in our lives?

Abraham Lincoln once said that this is a ``government of the people, by the people, for the people.'' Government is an entity that plays just as much a role in our lives as we allow it to play. As the current election is just around the corner, many of the issues that have prevailed in the presidential debates include what role the government should play in our economy, foreign policy, and our daily lives. Many Americans believe that if the United States had learned from the past, they would have realized that the greater the country got involved in the economy, with countries around the world, and in our daily lives, the greater the magnitude of the problems in the status quo would become. Many Americans believe that our government has not learned from the past and continues to make the same mistakes that once made its population distraught. Even though our country's interaction with foreign policy and the economy may not directly impact us, the interaction somehow influences a majority of America's population in their daily lives. This impact on the status quo and on the population's mindset is indicative through stories in the news, through personal experiences, and through observations of our surroundings. Overall, our government should understand that the role that they play in our lives should be in balance. Foreign policy has made our country one of the most powerful countries around the world. We have a prestigious navy, a strong air force, and, most importantly, the most dominating army that money can buy; however, in this case, America's dedication towards the development of its army has preoccupied them to a point where it has reallocated funds from other areas that desperately need them. This reallocation would allow the government to play a more conservative role in our lives. If the funds that were dedicated towards foreign policy were reevaluated, I'm sure there are places where cuts can be made and the money saved be reallocated to other sectors. This begs the question of which sector requires the money the most, based on its influence on our daily lives. The education sector consists of the building blocks of this country and preoccupies most teenagers' daily lives. If more money was invested in this sector, we would be able to hire more experienced teachers, give teachers more freedom to construct their courses, create more effective ways of assessment, as well as pay our teachers more. What this would inevitably lead to is lesser involvement in education, for kids my age, most of our daily lives, and more freedom for teachers to foster growth and meet the needs of individual students, as well as give students the freedom to express themselves without being restricted to the methods of the government. This is important in demonstrating the balance that is necessary of government in our daily lives. If the government allowed students to embrace education, the United States would be able to be competitive with the education systems of other countries around the world. With smarter future generations, America would not make the same mistakes it made in the past that led to economic collapses such as the one that occurred during the Great Depression. Individuals in the American government would finally realize that they ought to play a smaller role in the economy by allowing it to be the one that causes its own downfall and also its own rebuilding. Over the past few years, it has become evident that the greater the role that government plays in the economy, the further it goes into shambles and the more jobs that are lost. This is important because even though I have been fortunate enough to have a family that has not had to go through the stresses of job loss, the effects of thousands of jobs going away are being felt by families all across the United States, affecting their daily lives, in how they live and how they interact with the people around them. If the government did not play as large a role as it is playing right now, we would probably see the economy collapse and then gradually begin to rebuild itself, creating more jobs, steadying the economy, and more importantly, bringing stability to families across the country. Thus, the role that government ought to play in our lives should be one in balance and it ought to be the government's responsibility to make sure their actions are properly affecting their population. However, in situations where the government loses sight of the problems that lay ahead due to their actions, it becomes the peoples' responsibility to speak and make sure their voice is heard. Because, after all, as Abraham Lincoln once said, this is a ``government of the people, by the people, for the people.''