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Honoring The Outstanding Public Service Contributions Of Longtime Johnstown, Pa Administrator Jim White

Rep. Mark Critz

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Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor Jim White, a true champion of the people and small businesses of Johnstown, PA. Next month, Jim will retire from his post as Johnstown's Director of Community and Economic Development. In this capacity, he manages millions of dollars in federal subsidies supporting homeowner assistance, street paving and annual demolitions, and oversees the city's planning, zoning, code enforcement and economic development efforts.

Jim became Johnstown's Economic Development Coordinator in March of 1998. Since then, he has helped to revitalize the city's downtown storefronts and improve the city's infrastructure by stimulating investment in neighborhood businesses and cultivating strong relationships with local entrepreneurs. Thanks to Jim's outstanding leadership, the American promise of opportunity is alive and well for all those who live and work in Johnstown.

Jim is the sort of visionary leader our cities need more of. No matter how much he has accomplished for the city of Johnstown, he has never stopped seeing it for what it could be, rather than for what it is. In 2009, Jim played a key role in formulating a master plan for the future of the city. Not even three years later, officials have already begun to implement several of the projects this document proposed, including a plan to comprehensively improve access to Main Street, one of the city's main thoroughfares.

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of a grateful community, I want to wish Jim the best of luck as he prepares to begin a new chapter in his life. Having worked with him for over a decade, I know that his strong leadership skills and eternal optimism will serve him well in whatever he chooses to do next.