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Monica Kaufman Pearson

The Chair recognizes the gentleman from Georgia (Mr. Bishop) for 5 minutes.

Rep. Sanford D. Bishop Jr.

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I am honored to join my colleagues in the Georgia delegation in paying tribute to one of our Nation's most tenured and preeminent broadcast television news anchors, Monica Kaufman.

For more than 30 years she served as the Channel 2 ``Action News Nightbeat'' anchor at WSB-TV in Atlanta where she used her superior media talents to educate, inform, and enlighten millions of viewers about current events that impacted our lives and influenced activities all around the world. Prior to becoming one of Atlanta's most watched and influential television journalists, Monica worked as a reporter at the Louisville Times and at WHAS-TV in Kentucky.

Madam Speaker, Monica is an award-winning journalist who has been recognized on numerous occasions for her outstanding professional abilities and remarkable occupational achievements. However, she is much more than just an accomplished journalist. She is a loving wife, mother, mentor, friend, and role model to me.

I would like to extend our personal congratulations to Monica Pearson and her family as they celebrate and reflect upon her outstanding career as one of our Nation's leading broadcast journalists and admired media personalities. Kentucky may have named her, but Georgia claimed her, and we are all better because she came our way.

Congratulations to you, Monica Kaufman Pearson.