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Paying Tribute To Monica Pearson

(Mr. BROUN of Georgia asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Rep. Paul Broun

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I rise today to give a tribute to a friend, a television broadcast icon, the talented and eloquent Monica Kaufman Pearson.

In 1975, Monica became the first African American, in fact, the first female, to anchor a daily evening newscast in Atlantic. Years later, it was revealed that she beat out Jane Pauley and Oprah Winfrey for the coveted position. And just like these high-profile women, Monica has risen to achieve extraordinary success.

For her diligent reporting and superb storytelling, she has won 30 Emmy Awards and numerous honors. However, Monica does not simply report the evening news. I can confidently say that she is one of Georgia's finest. Throughout the years, she has lent her voice to efforts and charitable causes within her community, living out her motto: It's what you do with what you have that makes you what you are.

On behalf of the United States Congress, it is my privilege to honor America's and Atlanta's top news leader, Monica Kaufman Pearson, for her outstanding career and significant contributions to broadcast journalism.

We love you, Monica, and we'll miss you. God bless you.