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Expressing Condolences To The Victims Of The Recent Tornadoes In The Midwest And South

Rep. Alcee L. Hastings

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Mr. Speaker, I rise to express my heartfelt sympathy for the people who have been struck by the recent tornadoes in the Midwest and South. These disasters have caused the deaths of more than 30 people in five States and left several communities in need of support, including volunteers, food, clothing, and monetary contributions. Although we will be able to rebuild these communities, we can never replace the lives lost, and my thoughts and prayers are with those families today.

These disasters are a reminder that the needs of relief and recovery efforts are constant. When disasters--be they hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods, or tornadoes--wreck entire communities and drive whole families from their homes, rapid and generous outside assistance is essential to preserving lives and property. I hope that we can learn from this disaster--and other recent natural disasters around the country--that we need to better coordinate and find Federal disaster relief efforts.

Mr. Speaker, I once again extend my deepest sympathies to the people who have been affected by these tornadoes. I urge all the appropriate Federal agencies to ensure that these communities receive the help they need.