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Protecting Access To Healthcare Act

Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick

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Mr. Chair, over the course of the last two years since the President signed the Affordable Care Act into law, bipartisan opposition to many portions of this legislation has steadily grown in this chamber.

Today, the House of Representatives passed the Protecting Access to Healthcare Act as part of a deliberate, transparent, and comprehensive plan to fix America's broken and expensive health insurance system.

While I favor a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, this effort represents removal of the most harmful provisions of President Obama's flawed law. The PATH Act does this by enacting much needed medical malpractice tort reform to reduce healthcare costs and it repeals President Obama's unaccountable Independent Payment Advisory Board, IPAB, which would limit Medicare patient access to health care services.

As the House puts forward ideas to protect and save Medicare, the Administration has decided it can better serve seniors by cutting benefits for seniors by more than $575 billion, and creating a panel of unelected, unaccountable Washington bureaucrats tasked with cutting Medicare even further.

More than 230 of my colleagues in the House from both parties and over 380 groups representing doctors, patients and employers have joined us in opposition to the IPAB.

I urge the Senate and President to stand with us against this overreach of government power and make the Protecting Access to Healthcare Act law. Congress must work to reform health care in a way that reduces costs for both patients and providers while preserving the quality of care that Americans deserve.