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Second Anniversary Of Obamacare

Rep. Doc Hastings

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to highlight the serious state of health care in our country as we approach the second anniversary of ObamaCare.

When ObamaCare was drafted behind closed doors without bipartisan input and slammed through the legislative process in 2010, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi promised us that this government takeover of health care would allow people who like the health care plan they have now to keep it.

But I and my Republican colleagues knew better when we voted against the bill--and we were right. In the two years since ObamaCare was signed into law, Americans have already experienced significant increases in premiums, loss of choice in medical coverage, and less access for seniors to obtain quality health care.

In addition, Mr. Speaker, a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office stated that as many as 20 million Americans could lose their employer-provided health care coverage as a result of ObamaCare--half of who are low-wage workers whom depend on their employer health coverage. Even the Department of Health and Human Services admitted that portions of the President's health care law, which were originally projected to lower costs, would in fact increase taxes on hardworking American taxpayers.

Americans deserve access to the quality health care they need when they need it and at a cost they can afford. Improvements must be made, but reforms need to focus on putting patients first and lowering costs. Lowering costs for hardworking American taxpayers can be achieved by expanding health care choices and tools to help families save, making it easier for small businesses to afford to offer care, ending lawsuit abuse, and protecting the doctor-patient relationship from government intrusion.

After several years of uncertainty and stagnant economic conditions, the American people need real solutions and real results. This cannot be achieved by budget tricks or accounting gimmicks that do nothing to help hardworking American taxpayers and only result in higher taxes and burdensome federal government mandates.

Efficient, effective government that spends less and serves better is the only answer to restoring genuine accountability and faith in our government. The House of Representatives has voted 25 times to repeal, defund or dismantle this law. It is my hope that before the next anniversary of ObamaCare, the Senate and President will join the House to repeal this trillion-dollar government takeover of health care and work on real reforms that lower costs for the American people.