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Recognizing The 191St Anniversary Of The Independence Of Greece

Rep. Mike Grimm

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Mr. Speaker, today, as we honor the 191st Anniversary of Greek Independence, it gives me great pride as a member of the Congressional Hellenic Caucus in celebrating the ties that connect our two great democracies together as both friends and allies.

In celebrating this day we also honor the accomplishments of Greek Americans, many of which first immigrated to our country and made their homes in New York, and the fantastic contributions they have brought to our country as a whole. I represent the 13th Congressional District of New York and am proud to have a large and thriving Greek American community in my district. Anyone who visits the remarkable cultural festivals thrown by the Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Bay Ridge, or the Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church on the West Shore of Staten Island, can attest to the strength of, and support for, the Greek-American community in Staten Island and Brooklyn.

Greek Independence Day is an opportunity for all Americans to reflect on our nation's own freedom. We must not forget that when the United States was first conceived, many of its ideals and laws were based on those of the Greeks. Just seeing the artwork right here in the United States Capitol or reading through our constitution exemplifies the profound impact the people of Greece have made on our modern society.

It is with great pride that I rise today to honor the independence of a nation that, for centuries, has protected the fundamental rights of liberty and participation in the democratic process. I have seen the positive cultural heritage Greek-Americans bring to local communities firsthand in Staten Island and Brooklyn, and I am sure that the shared bond between our two great nations will remain rock solid for many years to come.