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Recognizing The Life And Work Of Courageous Journalists

Sen. Harry Reid

legislator photo

Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that we now proceed to S. Res. 404.

The clerk will report the resolution by title.

The legislative clerk read as follows:

A resolution (S. Res. 404) recognizing the life and work of war correspondent Marie Colvin and other courageous journalists in war zones.

There being no objection, the Senate proceeded to consider the resolution.

Sen. Harry Reid

legislator photo

I ask unanimous consent that the resolution be agreed to, the preamble be agreed to, the motions to reconsider be laid upon the table, with no intervening action or debate, and any statements relating to the resolution be printed in the Record.

Without objection, it is so ordered.

The resolution (S. Res. 404) was agreed to.

The preamble was agreed to.

The resolution, with its preamble, reads as follows:

Whereas The Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin was killed during the shelling of a makeshift media center in the Baba Amr neighborhood of the besieged Syrian city of Homs on February 22, 2012, along with French photographer Remi Ochlik; Whereas Ms. Colvin leaves behind a beloved family where she grew up in the State of New York, was educated and began her journalistic career in the United States, and throughout her career as one of the foremost war correspondents of her generation exemplified American values of humanity, accountability, decency, transparency, and courage; Whereas Ms. Colvin worked with relentless bravery to report on the recent uprising in Syria and to expose crimes against humanity, human-rights violations, and the ravages of war in conflict zones throughout the world, including the Balkans, the Chechen Republic, Libya, and Sri Lanka, where she was seriously wounded and lost vision in 1 eye; Whereas Ms. Colvin shed light on human-rights violations through her courageous reporting on how these conflicts affected the lives of individuals; Whereas the actions of Ms. Colvin in Timor-Leste are widely credited with averting a massacre; Whereas Ms. Colvin said, ``Covering a war means going to places torn by chaos, destruction, and death, and trying to bear witness. It means trying to find the truth in a sandstorm of propaganda when armies, tribes or terrorists clash. And yes, it means taking risks, not just for yourself but often for the people who work closely with you.''; Whereas the work of Ms. Colvin exemplifies the best qualities of journalism; Whereas Ms. Colvin was awarded the 2000 Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women's Media Foundation for behind-the-lines action in Kosovo and the Chechen Republic, twice named Foreign Reporter of the Year at the British Press Awards, named the Journalist of the Year by the Foreign Press Association in 2000, and named Woman Journalist of the Year by the Foreign Press Association in 2010; and Whereas Ms. Colvin and brave journalists have lost their lives serving as the conscience of the world: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate-- (1) extends its sympathy to the families of Ms. Colvin and other reporters who have died reporting from conflict zones; (2) recognizes the bravery of Ms. Colvin and other correspondents and photographers who have lost their lives while exposing the truth; (3) calls on the world community to honor the memories of Ms. Colvin and other reporters; and (4) calls on the government of Syria to halt the brutal attacks against the people of Syria and to respect their human rights.