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Commissioners Court Of El Paso County, Texas

Rep. Silvestre Reyes

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today in recognition of the El Paso County's Commissioners Court who signed the following resolution.

Whereas, a ``Super-Committee'' was formed and tasked to reduce $1.2 Trillion from our Nation's budget over the next 10 years, but failed at their mission; and, Whereas, the Department of Defense could endure budget cuts of $487 Billion throughout the next 10 years; and, Whereas, due to the failure of the ``Super-Committee'' there is an additional $600 Billion in potential budget cuts for deficit-reduction measures targeted towards the Department of Defense; and, Whereas, future budget reductions of this nature can potentially affect all branches of Defense with reduction of employment and could decrease the benefits that our troops and past veterans receive; and, Whereas, future reductions should raise concerns of National Security and the ability to defend our Country from future extremities; and, Whereas, the United States of America has fought for freedom since its creation and knows that freedom does not come easy and it definitely does not come without a price tag; and, Whereas, our Military's men and women are to be held at the upmost respect and honor for the service they provide to our Country and they should feel assured that they are a priority and the American people are behind them; and, Whereas, policies of this type have the ability to create an internal decrease in morale and the capability to deter future enlistments to our volunteer military; and, Whereas, recent developments of Russia and China vetoing a United Nations resolution aimed at ending Syria's violence should raise concerns that the United States should keep its military in full force and maintain their combat readiness for these potential adversaries and other; and, now, therefore, be it Resolved, that the El Paso County Judge and Commissioners Court hereby disagree with any future budget cuts that can affect National Security and Benefits provided to our Veterans that have defended our Nation from opposing threats and to all of our soldiers that continue to protect our Country's future and our children's future by placing their own lives in harm's way. Signed, this 13th day of February 2012. Commissioner Anna Perez Pct. 1 Commissioner Sergio Lewis Pct. 2 Commissioner Willie Gandara Pct. 3 Commissioner Daniel R. Haggerty Pct. 4 County Judge Veronica Escobar