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Honoring Carolyn Hebenstreich

Rep. Jeffrey Denham

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to acknowledge and honor Ms. Carolyn Hebenstreich, Stanislaus County Veterans Services Office Manager, who will be retiring on March 31, 2012, after more than 22 years of outstanding service to our veterans.

Carolyn Hebenstreich began working for the VA Medical Center in Livermore as a student helper in Housekeeping during the summer of 1968. In 1976, Carolyn was hired by the VA Medical Center, VAMC, Livermore as a File Clerk and worked her way up to Chief of Office Operations.

In 1979, Carolyn took a hiatus and worked in the private sector for about 8 months. She then worked at the Tracy Defense Logistic Depot for a short time before transferring back to VAMC Livermore. In 1985, she transferred to VA New Orleans as the Chief of Ambulatory Care. Her desire to return to California prompted her transfer back to VAMC Livermore in February 1986, where she worked for 3 more years.

Stanislaus County hired Carolyn in June 1989, as Veterans Representative 1 for the Veterans Services Office, VSO. When the Department Head, Bud Lahr, retired in 1993, the VSO merged with the Area Agency on Aging to become the Stanislaus County Department of Aging and Veterans Services.

Carolyn was appointed to be the lead person for the VSO. She served in this capacity from 1993 until 2001, when she was promoted to Manager of the VSO.

Ms. Hebenstreich is accredited by the following organizations: American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Military Order of the Purple Heart, California Department of Veteran Affairs, and the National Association of County Veterans Services Officers.

In addition, Carolyn has served on various committees over the years for the California Association of County Veterans Services Officers and served on the Executive Committee for 2 years. She has helped organize the Annual Veterans Day Parades and Veterans Award Ceremonies since 1994, and has worked with the local veterans organizations on an ongoing basis.

Mr. Speaker, please join me in honoring and commending Carolyn Hebenstreich, Stanislaus County Veterans Services Office Manager, for her numerous years of selfless service to the betterment of our community.