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In Recognition Of The Sacramento African-American Art Collective

Rep. Doris Matsui

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today in recognition of the Sacramento African-American Art Collective (SAAAC), which serves to enhance cultural and artistic experiences in the Sacramento area community. SAAAC came together in 2010, and offers great opportunities for African-American artists to showcase their work in collaboration with local businesses. I ask all my colleagues to join me in honoring the artists, organizers, and businesses involved in this valuable cultural resource.

SAAAC was founded as a means to increase the exposure of African-American artists to the Sacramento community, and likewise to allow the Sacramento community to enjoy the unique messages and perspectives offered by African-American artists. Since its inaugural 1st Saturday Art Tour in February, 2011, SAAAC has become an integral part of the monthly art experience in Sacramento. Local businesses continue to volunteer their time and space to exhibit the work of these artists, all of whom are locally-based.

In honor of Black History Month, and in collaboration with the California Governor's office, SAAAC exhibited several works in the Governor's Annex at the California State Capitol. The collection, co-sponsored by the California Legislative Black Caucus, was titled ``Family: Those We Love!'', and was available to enjoy from February 20th, to March 2nd, 2012. This was the first such exhibit in the Governor's Office to acknowledge the contribution of African-American artists to the distinct cultural milieu that makes Sacramento great. The collection is now on display at the Kuumba Collective Art Gallery in Sacramento.

Among the artists and community leaders I'd like to recognize are Gerry GOS'' Simpson, Frank Blackwell, Milton Bowens, Warren Spirling, Lawrence Sullivan, Daphne Burgess, Shonna McDaniel, Gene Howell, Mallory Knight, Lumumba, Marichal Brown, David Alexander, James and Renee Sweeney, John King, Kanika Marshall, Constance King, Marshall Bailey, Frankie Edwards-Lee, Cynthia Brooks, Janis Wade, and Daneshia Johnson. I would also like to recognize the dozens of businesses and sponsors that have collaborated with SAAAC, including the Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL CIO, The Brickhouse Gallery, Crave The Spotlight, Pacific Housing Inc., and many others.

Mr. Speaker, I am honored to recognize these community members and their priceless contributions to the rich and diverse cultural experience that Sacramento offers. As artists, friends, and community leaders gather at the Kuumba Gallery, I ask my colleagues to join me in honoring the Sacramento African-American Art Collective and its partners for helping to enrich our lives.