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90Th Anniversary Of The Modesto Lions Club

Rep. Jeffrey Denham

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize and applaud the Modesto Lions Club on their 90th Anniversary. This dedicated service club should be commended for their leadership.

In the early 1920's, there were few community service clubs; however, 43 prominent business owners in Modesto joined to establish the first Lions Club in Stanislaus County on March 29, 1922. This core of movers & shakers became the `Booster Club' of their fair city, Modesto.

This hardy band supported the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts and the YMCA in a way never before accomplished. The club's membership dwindled during WWII, but the Modesto Lions Club maintained its stature and continued its good deeds for the community.

The economic growth of the post-war period allowed the Modesto Lions Club to grow and facilitate bigger projects, such as the Modesto High School Swimming Pool and the Mancini Bowl Band Shell.

In 1987, the Modesto Lions Club broke social barriers by welcoming female members, and a new era dawned as many ladies joined the ranks.

Recently, the Modesto Lions Club completed the Modesto Lions Junction Park along the Virginia Trail providing shade for all who use the trail.

Mr. Speaker, please join me in praising and congratulating the Modesto Lions for 90 years of community service and success.