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Recognizing Greek Independence Day

Rep. Jesse L. Jackson

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today in recognition of Greek Independence Day, the celebration of Greek freedom from the Ottoman Empire in May of 1832. March 25 is recognized as the official celebration day of this monumental occasion.

From early Greek architecture, theatre and art, to the great philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians of their time, it is impossible to overlook the influence and the impact of Greek history, culture and tradition on the entire world.

Here in the United States, we hold a special place of honor for Greek history. Serving as one of the oldest examples of a successful democratic government, our Nation's Founding Fathers looked to ancient Athenian democracy to lay the foundation for the Constitution of the United States, without which our great Nation would not be what it is today.

With a strong Greek-American community in the Chicago area, the people of the 2nd Congressional district continue to celebrate the historic and cultural heritage of Greek Americans in Chicagoland and across the Nation, in addition to the new, unique, and ever changing ways they contribute to America.

I am honored to recognize and congratulate Greece on 191 years of independence and thank the Greek people for the substantial impact they have made not only in America, but throughout the global community.

Happy Independence Day.