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Put Nevada’S Middle Class Families And Seniors First

(Ms. BERKLEY asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.)

Rep. Shelley Berkley

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Mr. Speaker, this week, Washington Republicans are showing Nevada families exactly who their priority is. Unfortunately, it's not Nevada's middle class families. This week, Republicans are reiterating their support for taxpayer giveaways for Big Oil, despite the fact that gas prices are soaring--and the oil industry made $137 billion in profits last year.

Nevadans are hurting every time they go to the pump. The Republicans' answer to higher gas prices is more government handouts for Big Oil. This is the wrong priority. But, wait, there's more. On Thursday, they'll bring up the new--but not improved--Ryan budget that once again kills Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies. The plan is bad. Instead of improving care for Nevada's seniors, seniors would be forced to pay thousands more out of pocket for their health care.

Nevada is suffering with the highest unemployment rate and highest foreclosure rate in the Nation. Republicans, get your priorities straight. We must put Nevada's middle class families and seniors first--not Big Oil and profit-hungry insurance companies.