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Candidate Vs. President On Obamacare

Rep. Joe Wilson

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Mr. Speaker, according to a recent CBS News article, when the President in 2008 was on the campaign trail, he blasted his primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, for supporting an individual mandate. Less than two years later, however, when the President lobbied the liberal-controlled Congress to pass the government healthcare takeover bill, he told legislators the individual mandate ``was an essential part'' of the takeover.

Almost every poll conducted across this country reveals the same result: an overwhelming number of Americans believe the individual mandate found in ObamaCare is unconstitutional and a chipping away of individual liberty. The Gadsden Flag of South Carolina is correct: Don't Tread on Me.

The United States government should not require all of its citizens to buy insurance or push any other mandates that will limit freedoms. It is past the time for our nation to support legislation for real healthcare reform as developed by Congressman Tom Price that will guarantee these rights every American deserves.

In conclusion, God Bless our troops and we will never forget September 11th in the global war on terrorism.