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The Chair recognizes the gentleman from North Carolina (Mr. Coble) for 5 minutes.

Rep. Howard Coble

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Mr. Speaker, last Saturday evening, I was watching the weekly Fox television program entitled ``Huckabee.'' Bullying was the featured issue.

Mr. Speaker, bullying has become a severely significant issue in some schools across our country.

Bullies, with limited exception, select their targets or victims in this manner: the victims are smaller in physical stature than are the bullies and are usually younger in years.

The victims of bullying become depressed and embarrassed, resulting in physical and emotional damage. One young lad became so distraught that he died by his own hand. Yes, he took his own life because of the damage that bullying had inflicted upon him.

The ``Huckabee'' program, in addition to having interviewed a bullying victim and his family, featured as well the director of the recently released movie entitled ``Bully.'' I urge you all to see this movie.

Mr. Speaker, I want to insist that bullies are punished at their schools by their parents and are prosecuted as juveniles if they are still minors.

We should cut no slack to bullies. They deserve no slack. If exposure could link the bullies to the aforementioned suicide, perhaps that should be pursued as well.

Mr. Speaker, this bullying plague must be resolved, but it will be resolved only when the bullies receive the punishment they deserve.