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Honoring Ute And Patrick Goggins

Rep. Lynn Woolsey

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Ute and Patrick Goggins, longtime friends and constituents in Mill Valley, California. Ute and Patrick have been dedicated and conscientious members of our community since the late 1960s, and their joint passion for social justice and community service has made their active presence in the San Francisco Bay Area a true blessing.

Ute and Patrick were married March 27, 1962, in a lunchtime civil ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. The setting was appropriate for a couple who have always had a natural partnership. In the years since, Ute and Patrick have become important voices in the peace movement not only in the Bay Area, but worldwide. The Gogginses were at the forefront of opposition to the war in Vietnam, and eventually they were joined by their children in more recent demonstrations against war in Iraq.

Ute and Patrick have also contributed to a richer cultural environment, and to the idea that a stronger sense of community is a precursor to peace and justice. Patrick has spearheaded a number of local Irish cultural and historical associations, including the Irish-Mexican Association and the Irish Forum. Ute has long been a recognized local artist, and taught art at San Domenico School for over three decades.

Mr. Speaker, I ask you to join me in recognizing the 50th anniversary of Ute and Patrick Goggins. We wish them many more years of happiness, collaboration, and companionship.