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Ms. Sydney Everett

Rep. William Lacy Clay

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Miss Sydney Everett, an outstanding high school graduate of Metro Academic & Classical High School in the great city of St. Louis, Missouri. Indeed, there are many recent high school graduates who deserve significant accolades for their commendable academic achievements. However, Sydney is a rare instance of intellectual rigor coupled with an enduring and heartfelt commitment to the well-being of her community. Given her extensive track record of high academic standings and numerous extracurricular activities, Sydney was offered over $1.2 million in school based scholarships and academic grants from nine institutions of higher education.

Sydney Everett's story is that of a young American woman whose tenacity and resolve have allowed her to thrive in her academics and extracurricular activities. While attending Metro Academy, she immersed herself in the most rigorous curriculum available at her high school as a candidate for a full International Baccalaureate diploma. She has always challenged herself to broaden her understanding and extend the horizon of her knowledge. Yet, her drive extends far beyond the walls of the classroom.

Sydney is deeply involved in the functions of her school with an extensive and well-rounded resume of extracurricular activities including her involvement in her school's student council, concert band, policy debate team, and literary magazine. Moreover, she genuinely values the time she gives back to the St. Louis community as a volunteer at a local church and elementary school.

Before her junior year, Sydney served as a Congressional Page and proudly represented my district in the United States House of Representatives. Additionally, she participated in my Congressional Youth Cabinet, which is an organization I founded to provide outstanding high school students across the St. Louis area with the opportunity to advise myself and my staff on key local and national issues. With her hard work ethic and strong social conscience, Sydney was a valuable advisor to my office.

Sydney has left an indelible impact on her school and her community, and she will be sorely missed when she advances to college. She will attend Barnard College at Columbia University in the fall and intends to earn a degree in international human rights law with hopes of attending law school and one day representing people and organizations throughout the world that are fighting for human rights.

Mr. Speaker, it is not every day that we come across such talented and caring students like Sydney Everett. Her unique accomplishments serve as an example for every student in St. Louis and across the United States. It is a great honor to recognize her relentless passion for knowledge, unwavering dedication to her community, and humble character in light of such great achievements.