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Frank W. Ballance

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  1. it is a long journey
  2. on rollcall vote no .
  3. been present on rollcall vote
  4. present on rollcall vote no
  5. present for rollcall votes nos
  6. i been present on rollcall
  7. for rollcall votes nos .
  8. yes on rollcall vote no
  9. in rural eastern north carolina
  10. was not present for rollcall
  11. to hold hearings to examine
  12. not present for rollcall votes
  13. voted yes on rollcall vote
  14. the first congressional district .
  15. had i been present on
  16. subcommittee to hold hearings to
  17. have voted yes on rollcall
  18. the 1 st congressional district
  19. i was not present for
  20. aye on rollcall vote no
  1. eastern north carolina
  2. long journey from
  3. elizabeth city state
  4. in eastern north
  5. city state university
  6. rural eastern north
  7. mr. speaker mrs.
  8. rural poor eastern
  9. of the strongsville
  10. on rollcall vote
  11. rollcall vote no
  12. george henry white
  13. in rural eastern
  14. northeastern north carolina
  15. present on rollcall
  16. subcommittee to hold
  17. mills is a
  18. hearings to examine
  19. been present on
  20. hard hit and
  1. nickens
  2. petway
  3. strongsville
  4. shriver
  5. 3185
  6. chen
  7. edgecombe
  8. sargent
  9. carraway
  10. tarboro
  11. bern
  12. chen's
  13. bertie
  14. roanoke
  15. carolina
  16. igs
  17. mills
  18. corbett
  19. beaufort
  20. hiv
  1. mrs. mills
  2. eastern north
  3. congressman white
  4. poor eastern
  5. hugh gregg
  6. speaker mrs.
  7. george henry
  8. elizabeth city
  9. sargent shriver
  10. the strongsville
  11. bertie county
  12. rural eastern
  13. 23 counties
  14. mr. chen
  15. serve your
  16. henry white
  17. north carolina
  18. northeastern north
  19. roanoke rapids
  20. beaufort county
  1. a long journey from
  2. is a long journey
  3. in eastern north carolina
  4. on rollcall vote no
  5. elizabeth city state university
  6. rural eastern north carolina
  7. present on rollcall vote
  8. been present on rollcall
  9. for rollcall votes nos
  10. in rural eastern north
  11. rollcall vote no .
  12. not present for rollcall
  13. seeking to honor the
  14. hold hearings to examine
  15. the first congressional district
  16. i been present on
  17. yes on rollcall vote
  18. to hold hearings to
  19. present for rollcall votes
  20. was not present for

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
A Tribute To Mrs. Alice Nickens May 18, 2004
Frank Ballance, D-NC
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor Mrs. Alice Nickens, one of my most senior constituents on the occasion of the recent celebration of her 100th birthday. Mrs. Nickens has had the good fortune to witness all of the remarkable events and changes that shaped our country during the 20th century."
Middle-Class Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act Of 2004 May 5, 2004
Frank Ballance, D-NC
"Mr. Speaker, I was not present for rollcall vote No. 142. Had I been present, I would have voted ``nay.''"
Personal Explanation March 17, 2004
Frank Ballance, D-NC
"Mr. Speaker, due to an emergency, I was not present for Rollcall votes Nos. 48 and 49. Had I been present, on Rollcall vote No. 48, I would have voted ``aye''; on Rollcall vote No. 49, I would have voted ``aye.''"
Introduction Of No School Left Behind Act Of 2004 March 16, 2004
Frank Ballance, D-NC
"Mr. Speaker, earlier today in rural Edgecombe County in the community of Battleboro, we announced that we would file a bill tonight called ROLE Model Initiative, Respecting Our Leaders in Education. The event was held at Phillips Middle School in Battleboro where we had more than four dozen education professionals, parents, teachers and students representing rural North Carolina. This bill is being introduced so that we can have our local systems get funding, because we have mandated that they follow the IDEA Act and the No Child Left Behind Act and we have not provided the funds for these acts. One speaker today described these two acts, Individuals With Disabilities Education and No Child Left Behind, as trains on the same track headed toward one another, bound to collide. We want to have a moratorium so the States can opt out of the penalty phase of No Child Left Behind until we fund IDEA."
Recognizing Elizabeth City State University February 24, 2004
Frank Ballance, D-NC
"Mr. Speaker, as we continue to celebrate Black History Month and the achievements and the accomplishments of African Americans in America, today I would like to recognize Elizabeth City State University, one of our historically black universities located in my congressional district, and Chancellor Mickey Burnham, trustees, faculty, alumni, and students."

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