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Michael Bennet

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  1. by selflessly putting country first
  2. keeping with this sentiment by
  3. once said the fear of
  4. said the fear of death
  5. sentiment by selflessly putting country
  6. this sentiment by selflessly putting
  7. twain once said the fear
  8. with this sentiment by selflessly
  9. country first he lived life
  10. first he lived life to
  11. putting country first he lived
  12. selflessly putting country first he
  13. of our country's bravest .
  14. a man who lives fully
  15. death follows from the fear
  16. die at any time .
  17. fear of death follows from
  18. follows from the fear of
  19. from the fear of life
  20. fully is prepared to die
  1. said the fear
  2. selflessly putting country
  3. sentiment by selflessly
  4. first he lived
  5. by selflessly putting
  6. fear of life
  7. fully is prepared
  8. lives fully is
  9. of death follows
  10. who lives fully
  11. highest honorable purpose
  12. the highest honorable
  13. death follows from
  14. die at any
  15. putting country first
  16. country's bravest .
  17. life and heroic
  18. mr. president i
  19. country first he
  20. eased by your
  1. coloradans
  2. denver
  3. uspto
  4. colorado
  5. sergeant
  6. twain
  7. braved
  8. patent
  9. colorado's
  10. eased
  11. pay-go
  12. bravest
  13. grandkids
  14. afghanistan
  15. specialist
  16. kagan
  17. sotomayor
  18. townhall
  19. slide
  20. mesa
  1. highest honorable
  2. death follows
  3. lives fully
  4. putting country
  5. selflessly putting
  6. honorable purpose
  7. uncertain he
  8. country's bravest
  9. fully is
  10. sorrow you
  11. citizens her
  12. forward protecting
  13. by selflessly
  14. sentiment by
  15. zones throughout
  16. battle serving
  17. eased by
  18. bravest .
  19. substantial personal
  20. the senator
  1. by selflessly putting country
  2. once said the fear
  3. said the fear of
  4. selflessly putting country first
  5. sentiment by selflessly putting
  6. this sentiment by selflessly
  7. with this sentiment by
  8. country first he lived
  9. first he lived life
  10. putting country first he
  11. our country's bravest .
  12. death follows from the
  13. die at any time
  14. fear of death follows
  15. fear of life .
  16. follows from the fear
  17. fully is prepared to
  18. is prepared to die
  19. lives fully is prepared
  20. man who lives fully

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Legislative Session April 8, 2014
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"I suggest the absence of a quorum."
Immigration Reform April 8, 2014
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"Mr. President, I want to return today to the subject of immigration. Today marks the 285th day since the immigration bill passed right here in the Senate with almost 70 votes, and 285 days later we are still waiting for the House of Representatives to act on that bipartisan piece of legislation."
Paycheck Fairness Act—Motion To Proceed April 7, 2014
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"Mr. President, I come to the floor today to talk about jobs and about one sector in particular that has created tremendous economic growth in Colorado and across the United States, and that is wind energy and the jobs it has brought to our State."
Additional Statements April 2, 2014
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"Mr. President, I come to the floor with a heavy heart to honor the memory of Chairman Jimmy Newton, Jr. of the Southern Ute Tribe. Chairman Newton was a tireless advocate for his fellow tribal members and passed away on Tuesday, April 1, 2014."
Additional Statements March 25, 2014
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"Mr. President, today we recognize the distinguished public service of Ross Aragon on the occasion of his retirement after serving 36 years as mayor of Pagosa Springs--the longest serving mayor in Colorado. Since taking office in 1978, Mayor Aragon has fulfilled his duties with passion, diligence, and honor. Over his more than three decades of service he has never missed a regular monthly scheduled meeting. For over a generation, the citizens of Pagosa Springs have known Ross Aragon as the best man for the job."

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