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Michael Bennet

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  1. by selflessly putting country first
  2. keeping with this sentiment by
  3. once said the fear of
  4. said the fear of death
  5. sentiment by selflessly putting country
  6. this sentiment by selflessly putting
  7. twain once said the fear
  8. with this sentiment by selflessly
  9. country first he lived life
  10. first he lived life to
  11. putting country first he lived
  12. selflessly putting country first he
  13. of our country's bravest .
  14. a man who lives fully
  15. death follows from the fear
  16. die at any time .
  17. fear of death follows from
  18. follows from the fear of
  19. from the fear of life
  20. fully is prepared to die
  1. said the fear
  2. selflessly putting country
  3. sentiment by selflessly
  4. first he lived
  5. by selflessly putting
  6. fear of life
  7. fully is prepared
  8. lives fully is
  9. of death follows
  10. who lives fully
  11. highest honorable purpose
  12. the highest honorable
  13. death follows from
  14. die at any
  15. putting country first
  16. country's bravest .
  17. life and heroic
  18. mr. president i
  19. country first he
  20. eased by your
  1. coloradans
  2. denver
  3. uspto
  4. colorado
  5. sergeant
  6. twain
  7. braved
  8. patent
  9. colorado's
  10. eased
  11. pay-go
  12. bravest
  13. grandkids
  14. afghanistan
  15. specialist
  16. kagan
  17. sotomayor
  18. townhall
  19. slide
  20. mesa
  1. highest honorable
  2. death follows
  3. lives fully
  4. putting country
  5. selflessly putting
  6. honorable purpose
  7. uncertain he
  8. country's bravest
  9. fully is
  10. sorrow you
  11. citizens her
  12. forward protecting
  13. by selflessly
  14. sentiment by
  15. zones throughout
  16. battle serving
  17. eased by
  18. bravest .
  19. substantial personal
  20. the senator
  1. by selflessly putting country
  2. once said the fear
  3. said the fear of
  4. selflessly putting country first
  5. sentiment by selflessly putting
  6. this sentiment by selflessly
  7. with this sentiment by
  8. country first he lived
  9. first he lived life
  10. putting country first he
  11. our country's bravest .
  12. death follows from the
  13. die at any time
  14. fear of death follows
  15. fear of life .
  16. follows from the fear
  17. fully is prepared to
  18. is prepared to die
  19. lives fully is prepared
  20. man who lives fully

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Additional Statements June 13, 2016
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"Mr. President, I extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Dennis X. McCormack for his tireless contributions to bettering the lives of Colorado's veterans."
Additional Statements May 16, 2016
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"Mr. President, for over 35 years, the Holocaust Memorial Observances of Greeley and Northern Colorado have worked to raise awareness of the atrocities of Nazi crimes and the perils of anti-Semitism and have fostered greater understanding and knowledge throughout Colorado. Through various educational experiences, the Holocaust Memorial Observances have preserved many of the stories of the courage and bravery that have come to define that period."
Tribute To Mark Van Tine May 16, 2016
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"Mr. President, today I wish to recognize Mark Van Tine, vice president of Digital Aviation for the Boeing Company and chief executive officer of Jeppesen. He is retiring after 35 years with the company as a champion of the aviation industry."
Older Americans Act Reauthorization Act Of 2016 May 11, 2016
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"I agree with my colleague from Colorado. In an attempt to protect certain States with guaranteed funding levels, in 2006 Congress changed the Older Americans Act funding formula to ensure States received a guaranteed funding level based on senior populations. Due to Colorado's growing senior population and this provision from 2006, Colorado saw massive cuts during sequestration, when other States did not."
Older Americans Act Reauthorization Act Of 2016 May 11, 2016
Michael Bennet, D-CO
"We believe that, moving forward, it is imperative that steps are taken in future reauthorizations to safeguard services for all seniors regardless of their State of residence. It is our hope that as Congress continues to address issues that are important to all senior citizens, we find a path forward to address the issue we have raised here today."

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