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Luis G. Fortuno

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  1. the people of puerto rico
  2. puerto rican americans have been
  3. rico's sole representative in congress
  4. states in all wars and
  5. wars and conflicts since 1917
  6. united states in all wars
  7. puerto rico's sole representative in
  8. of the caribbean national forest
  9. fellow citizens in the states
  10. as puerto rico's sole representative
  11. the puerto rico democracy act
  12. the 65 th infantry regiment
  13. the 4 million u.s. citizens
  14. rico was ceded to the
  15. puerto rico was ceded to
  16. in all wars and conflicts
  17. can and should work to
  18. all wars and conflicts since
  19. u.s. citizens of puerto rico
  20. task force on puerto rico's
  1. of puerto rico
  2. caribbean national forest
  3. the caribbean national
  4. puerto ricans have
  5. in puerto rico
  6. puerto rican americans
  7. million u.s. citizens
  8. people of puerto
  9. rican americans have
  10. the u.s. territories
  11. the puerto rico
  12. 65 th infantry
  13. 4 million u.s.
  14. residents of puerto
  15. a forest reserve
  16. puerto rico's status
  17. puerto rico become
  18. puerto rico .
  19. conflicts since 1917
  20. in every battlefield
  1. puerto
  2. rico
  3. ricans
  4. cnf
  5. barbosa
  6. rubio
  7. rico's
  8. rican
  9. 3658
  10. non-territorial
  11. guayama
  12. caribbean
  13. r&r
  14. paco
  15. euripides
  16. territories
  17. fino
  18. yunque
  19. tea-lu
  20. 5501
  1. puerto rico
  2. captain rubio
  3. puerto ricans
  4. the cnf
  5. of puerto
  6. dr. barbosa
  7. caribbean national
  8. ricans have
  9. puerto rico's
  10. in puerto
  11. rican americans
  12. puerto rican
  13. u.s. territories
  14. rubio was
  15. mystic seaport
  16. the puerto
  17. barbosa was
  18. home leave
  19. rico's status
  20. rico become
  1. the caribbean national forest
  2. the people of puerto
  3. people of puerto rico
  4. puerto rican americans have
  5. 4 million u.s. citizens
  6. residents of puerto rico
  7. as a forest reserve
  8. on a religious basis
  9. the 65 th infantry
  10. and conflicts since 1917
  11. rican americans have been
  12. sole representative in congress
  13. of puerto rico deserve
  14. as puerto rico's sole
  15. states in all wars
  16. rico's sole representative in
  17. puerto rico's sole representative
  18. of the caribbean national
  19. no one from washington
  20. puerto rico democracy act

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Euripides Rubio Department Of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic. June 24, 2008
Luis Fortuno, R-PR
"Mr. Speaker, it is with great pride that I submit this statement for the record in support of H.R. 4289, which will name the Veterans' Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Ponce, Puerto Rico after Captain Euripides Rubio. Captain Rubio was an officer in the United States Army who fought and, at age 28, died in combat in the jungles of South Vietnam. For the actions that led to his death, Captain Rubio was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, one of four residents of Puerto Rico to have earned this supreme honor. By naming the veterans' clinic after Captain Rubio, Congress pays tribute to his courage and, by extension, honors the hundreds of thousands of sons and daughters of Puerto Rico who have served in the armed forces of this great Nation. I thank the Congress, and particularly the Veterans' Affairs Committee, for helping to preserve the memory of an extraordinary American."
Sense Of Congress Regarding Territories Of The United States June 23, 2008
Luis Fortuno, R-PR
"Madam Speaker, I am tremendously proud to be a co-sponsor of House Concurrent Resolution 2, which expresses the sense of this Congress that schools in the United States should honor the contributions of individuals from the U.S. territories by including such contributions in the teaching of American history. This Resolution will encourage schools to teach--and students to learn--about the rich history and vibrant cultures of the U.S. territories and the many achievements of individuals born there. I want to commend Congresswoman Christensen for introducing H. Con. Res 2."
Foreign Service Member Rest May 5, 2008
Luis Fortuno, R-PR
"I thank my colleague."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 5501, Tom Lantos And Henry J. Hyde United States Global Leadership Against Hiv/Aids, Tuberculosis, And Malaria Reauthorization Act Of 2008 April 2, 2008
Luis G. FORTUNO, Republican-PR
"Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of H.R. 5501. This bill reauthorizes critically important legislation. PEPFAR, which is a testament to the American people's generosity of spirit, has achieved remarkable success. Because of PEPFAR, millions of sick and vulnerable people beyond our borders have received an essential education, treatment and care. There are men in Nairobi, women in Hanoi and children in Port-au-Prince who are alive today because of PEPFAR. That knowledge should give us great pride. It should also fill us with a sense of humility, born of the understanding that we have helped create something larger than ourselves."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 5501, Tom Lantos And Henry J. Hyde United States Global Leadership Against Hiv/Aids, Tuberculosis, And Malaria Reauthorization Act Of 2008 April 2, 2008
Luis G. FORTUNO, Republican-PR
"In closing, I want to emphasize this point. By adding these Caribbean nations, Congress does not seek to substitute its judgment for the judgment of the experts at the State Department in determining how PEPFAR money will be allocated. These fact-intensive decisions will and should ultimately be made by OGAC. But expanding the list of so-called focus countries in this manner does send a strong and clear message from this Congress that the broader Caribbean region should be considered for a reasonable amount of additional funding. And I believe this is a message that we can all support."

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