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End The Select Committee On Benghazi October 1, 2015
Dan Kildee, D-MI
"Mr. Speaker, in a FOX News interview yesterday, the Republican speaker-in-waiting admitted to something that we have all known all along, and that is that the real motive of the Select Committee on Benghazi was simply to politically attack and drive down the poll numbers for Hillary Clinton, spending millions of taxpayer dollars for a political mission."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 3457, Justice For Victims Of Iranian Terrorism Act; Providing For Consideration Of Conference Report On H.R. 1735, National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal… October 1, 2015
Dan Kildee, D-MI
"Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to join with me in defeating the previous question so that this body can immediately take up reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank and, in fact, immediately take up legislation offered by Mr. Fincher, a Republican who, like many Republicans in this House and every Democrat, supports the reauthorization of an institution that has been reauthorized by this body for eight decades, routinely, that is essential to supporting small American manufacturers that I represent back home in Michigan."
Congratulating The Hoyt Library Of Saginaw On Their 125Th Anniversary October 1, 2015
Dan Kildee, D-MI
"Mr. Speaker, I ask the United States House of Representatives to join me in recognizing the Hoyt Library on the occasion of their 125th year of continuous service. It stands today as a shining example of a beautiful, historic, and functional modern library. In 1890, The Saginaw Evening News declared the Hoyt Library ``a noble institution'' and ``the pride of all Saginawians.'' The library was a gift to the people of Saginaw from New York businessman Jesse Hoyt (1815 through 1882), who had real estate and lumber interests in the Saginaw Valley. Hoyt's will set aside $100,000 for a public library in East Saginaw. After a national competition among leading architects, the Hoyt Trust chose the Boston architectural firm of Van Brunt and Howe. When the Richardsonian Romanesque style building was completed it exemplified modern library construction. The present building includes a 1921 addition by Edward Tilton of New York and a 1960 addition by Frederick E. Wigen Architects of Saginaw. Harriet Ames, the first librarian at Hoyt, was a Boston scholar and a pioneer in librarianship who brought her passion for good books and reading to a commercial Midwestern boomtown. She served Saginaw for over 30 years and brought cultural and educational advancement not just to Saginaw, but to the entire state of Michigan through her dedication to scholarly pursuits. Sparked by Ms. Ames, the Hoyt Library remains a fixture in the cultural and educational realm in Michigan. It is home to one of the premier Local History and Genealogy collections in Michigan and the greater Midwest. Hoyt Library has served as a government documents depository for all 125 years of operation. Beyond its historically significant archives and up-to-date print collections, the Library provides meeting spaces and quiet reading nooks along with internet access computers and Wi-Fi for today's technologically savvy library users. The library staff remains dedicated to providing professional library programs and services to all who enter. Mr. Speaker, I applaud the work done by the Hoyt Library in Saginaw and thank them for the service they have provided to the city of Saginaw."
Do Your Job September 30, 2015
Dan Kildee, D-MI
"Mr. Speaker, the Republicans have brought us again to the brink of another government shutdown. Here we are, the last day of the fiscal year, and what we have before us today is a temporary, 2-month budget to keep the government open, basically kicking the can down the road, failing to take up the priorities of the American people, failing to bring any kind of a jobs plan, any kind of a plan to fix our roads and bridges in this country to put Americans back to work."
GOP Government Shutdown September 28, 2015
Dan Kildee, D-MI
"Mr. Speaker, almost unbelievably here we are just 2 days away from another GOP government shutdown. Republicans, who control both Houses of Congress, have yet to bring a budget agreement, just a couple of days before the government shuts down, that would keep government open. Democrats stand ready to negotiate, to talk, to come up with an agreement that can move this country forward, that can keep government open, at the very least."