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  1. president i ask unanimous consent
  2. mr. president i ask unanimous
  3. necessarily absent the senator from
  4. i yield the floor .
  5. ask unanimous consent that the
  6. announce that the senator from
  7. i announce that the senator
  8. be printed in the record
  9. the following senators were necessarily
  10. following senators were necessarily absent
  11. following senator was necessarily absent
  12. senator was necessarily absent the
  13. the following senator was necessarily
  14. was necessarily absent the senator
  15. unanimous consent that the senate
  16. were necessarily absent the senator
  17. senators were necessarily absent the
  18. reconsider be laid upon the
  19. to reconsider be laid upon
  20. be laid upon the table
  1. mr. president i
  2. the senator from
  3. president i ask
  4. necessarily absent the
  5. absent the senator
  6. yield the floor
  7. the senate proceed
  8. consent that the
  9. senate proceed to
  10. following senators were
  11. senators were necessarily
  12. following senator was
  13. necessarily absent .
  14. friend the majority
  15. senator was necessarily
  16. reconsider be laid
  17. were necessarily absent
  18. to reconsider be
  19. i further ask
  20. be printed in
  1. burma
  2. louisville
  3. kentucky
  4. suu
  5. burmese
  6. ky
  7. nominees
  8. kyi
  9. senators
  10. rescinded
  11. nomination
  12. guantanamo
  13. nominations
  14. circuit
  15. consent
  16. quorum
  17. proceed
  18. unanimous
  19. nominee
  20. absent
  1. the senator
  2. senator from
  3. necessarily absent
  4. madam president
  5. senate proceed
  6. proceed to
  7. reconsider be
  8. morning business
  9. further ask
  10. laid upon
  11. be agreed
  12. call be
  13. absent the
  14. be printed
  15. quorum call
  16. the quorum
  17. of kentucky
  18. suu kyi
  19. the kentucky
  20. be rescinded
  1. president i ask unanimous
  2. mr. president i ask
  3. necessarily absent the senator
  4. yield the floor .
  5. absent the senator from
  6. i yield the floor
  7. the senate proceed to
  8. unanimous consent that the
  9. announce that the senator
  10. consent that the senate
  11. following senators were necessarily
  12. senators were necessarily absent
  13. the following senators were
  14. was necessarily absent the
  15. the following senator was
  16. following senator was necessarily
  17. friend the majority leader
  18. were necessarily absent the
  19. senator was necessarily absent
  20. to reconsider be laid

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Bring Jobs Home Act—Motion To Proceed July 22, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"Mr. President, later today the President will sign a bipartisan workforce training bill into law. It is commonsense legislation that will help my constituents gain new skills to become more competitive. I was proud to support it. I am glad to see that the President is going to sign it."
Tribute To Captain Steven J. Rairdon July 22, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"Mr. President, I would like to take a minute to recognize CPT Steve Rairdon of Leslie County, KY. Captain Rairdon is a member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade and participated in commemorating the 70th anniversary of the D-day invasion in Normandy, France, last month."
Remembering Charley Greene Dixon, Jr. July 21, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"Mr. President, I am saddened to report to my Senate colleagues the passing of a fellow Kentuckian, Mr. Charley Greene Dixon, Jr., who lost his battle with cancer on June 23 of this year. Charley was a consummate public servant who spent his life working to better his community. Knox County, and the entirety of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is poorer for his loss."
Tribute To Jim Sharpe July 21, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"Mr. President, I rise to honor the long and distinguished career of Jim Sharpe. Now retired, Mr. Sharpe opened his first business in Somerset, KY, in 1947. Since that time he has opened several more, pioneered the houseboat business, and has become an irreplaceable fixture in his community."
Unanimous Consent Agreement—Executive Calendar July 17, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"Mr. President, yesterday the American people actually scored a victory in the ongoing battle against government overreach. They literally rose, spoke out, and they forced the Obama administration to withdraw the latest gem from the ``department of terrible ideas'' over at the Environmental Protection Agency."

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