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Mick Mulvaney

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  1. i could take credit for
  2. wish i could take credit
  3. that we are really serious
  4. i wish i could take
  5. we are really serious about
  6. clause 6 of rule xviii
  7. pursuant to clause 6 of
  8. to clause 6 of rule
  9. amendment offered by the gentleman
  10. on the amendment offered by
  11. offered by the gentleman from
  12. the amendment offered by the
  1. at 2011 levels
  2. could take credit
  3. 2011 levels .
  4. serious about cutting
  5. i could take
  6. in south carolina
  7. amendment no .
  8. about cutting spending
  9. just an issue
  10. are really serious
  11. of south carolina
  12. south carolina .
  13. acting chair .
  14. the acting chair
  15. take credit for
  16. on our debt
  17. really serious about
  18. wish i could
  19. everything that we
  20. the debt ceiling
  1. nlrb
  2. boeing
  3. gowdy
  4. unforgivable
  5. lawsuit
  6. 2011
  7. borrowed
  8. carolina
  9. folks
  10. ceiling
  11. airplanes
  12. xviii
  13. cheap
  14. discretionary
  15. violates
  16. south
  17. medicare
  18. postponed
  19. admitted
  20. spending
  1. at 2011
  2. 2011 levels
  3. the nlrb
  4. mr. gowdy
  5. the boeing
  6. amendment no
  7. we borrowed
  8. defense spending
  9. this lawsuit
  10. acting chair
  11. about cutting
  12. take credit
  13. forced us
  14. by mr.
  15. cutting spending
  16. talk is
  17. we've heard
  18. really serious
  19. south carolina
  20. cut medicare
  1. i could take credit
  2. could take credit for
  3. wish i could take
  4. just an issue that
  5. we are really serious
  6. of south carolina .
  7. are really serious about
  8. that we are really
  9. the acting chair .
  10. raise the debt ceiling
  11. i wish i could
  12. with that i yield
  13. 6 of rule xviii
  14. to clause 6 of
  15. we want to be
  16. pursuant to clause 6
  17. clause 6 of rule
  18. on the amendment offered
  19. offered by the gentleman
  20. by the gentleman from

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
In Recognition Of Winthrop University And The 50Th Anniversary Of The National Collegiate Honors Council October 8, 2015
Mick Mulvaney, R-SC
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Winthrop University and the 50th anniversary of the National Collegiate Honors Council."
Planned Parenthood September 17, 2015
Mick Mulvaney, R-SC
"Mr. Speaker, as the House prepares next week to take up a discussion about Planned Parenthood, I want to speak very briefly to what the debate is not about. It is not about women's health."
The People’S Night June 15, 2015
Mick Mulvaney, R-SC
"I thank the gentleman from North Carolina. I thank him for doing this. I think it is wonderful that we are having a night designated as the people's night. You would think that we would do that just every day in here, but I think that more often than not we probably don't, so it is good to be here to talk about things that affect the people."
Mandated Fixed Wheelchair Lifts May 19, 2015
Mick Mulvaney, R-SC
"Mr. Schweikert, thank you for the opportunity to talk about this a little bit without the pressures of the 2-minute timer or a 3-minute timer, actually talk about something in detail for a change in this House because it merits the discussion."
Mandated Fixed Wheelchair Lifts May 19, 2015
Mick Mulvaney, R-SC
"I would suggest to you, Mr. Schweikert, that you were, in fact, being insensitive: you were being insensitive to the trial bar."

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