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Jan Schakowsky

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  1. the 9 th congressional district
  2. the inclusive home design act
  3. 9 th congressional district of
  4. th congressional district of illinois
  5. citizens and persons with disabilities
  6. senior citizens and persons with
  7. seniors and persons with disabilities
  8. in the 9 th congressional
  9. during rollcall vote no .
  10. members to vote in support
  11. the aids foundation of chicago
  12. for seniors and persons with
  13. all members to vote in
  14. district of illinois is home
  15. in my hometown of evanston
  16. members of the colombian armed
  17. illinois holocaust museum and education
  18. district the 9 th congressional
  19. holocaust museum and education center
  20. my district the 9 th
  1. 9 th congressional
  2. persons with disabilities
  3. and persons with
  4. the spy act
  5. in the chicago
  6. mr. speaker i
  7. city of chicago
  8. colombian armed forces
  9. state of illinois
  10. violence against women
  11. the chicago area
  12. citizens and persons
  13. seniors and persons
  14. the 9 th
  15. the bush administration
  16. speaker i rise
  17. district of illinois
  18. opposition to h.r.
  19. private security contractors
  20. during rollcall vote
  1. chicago
  2. evanston
  3. aids
  4. hiv
  5. holocaust
  6. colombia
  7. haiti
  8. boxing
  9. iraq
  10. illinois
  11. gun
  12. jewish
  13. prescription
  14. israel
  15. violence
  16. bush
  17. medicare
  18. women
  19. disabilities
  20. drug
  1. the chicago
  2. hiv aids
  3. in illinois
  4. the illinois
  5. speaker i
  6. persons with
  7. of chicago
  8. the holocaust
  9. in iraq
  10. in chicago
  11. with disabilities
  12. of illinois
  13. and persons
  14. the bush
  15. against women
  16. bush administration
  17. human rights
  18. in colombia
  19. prescription drug
  20. hate crimes
  1. 9 th congressional district
  2. the 9 th congressional
  3. inclusive home design act
  4. and persons with disabilities
  5. congressional district of illinois
  6. the city of chicago
  7. citizens and persons with
  8. senior citizens and persons
  9. seniors and persons with
  10. during rollcall vote no
  11. in the chicago area
  12. aids foundation of chicago
  13. the aids foundation of
  14. for seniors and persons
  15. the colombian armed forces
  16. don't laugh at me
  17. illinois holocaust museum and
  18. in the 9 th
  19. my state of illinois
  20. district the 9 th

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Congratulating Reverend Mark A. Dennis, Jr. April 4, 2014
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Rev. Mark A. Dennis, Jr., Senior Pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Evanston, Illinois."
Save American Workers Act Of 2014 April 3, 2014
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, there has actually been a debate on this floor by all of my colleagues, women, coming down from the Republican side, talking about how wonderful this bill is for women and how bad ObamaCare is for women."
Save American Workers Act Of 2014 April 3, 2014
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"Here is what we are changing. We are saying, if you work 30 hours, your employer should provide you with health insurance."
Honoring Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz March 27, 2014
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to express my condolences to the friends and family of a great spiritual leader and someone I am proud to say was my cherished friend, Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz. Rabbi Moscowitz passed away earlier this month, and his absence leaves an enormous hole to fill in our community."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 1459, Ensuring Public Involvement In The Creation Of National Monuments Act, And Providing For Consideration Of Motions To Suspend The Rules March 26, 2014
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to bring up H.R. 15 to demand a vote on the bipartisan immigration reform bill that unites our families."

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