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Ron Wyden

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  1. president i ask unanimous consent
  2. mr. president i ask unanimous
  3. i will be very brief
  4. ask unanimous consent that the
  5. i ask unanimous consent that
  6. president i will be very
  7. i yield the floor .
  8. the land and water conservation
  9. will be very brief .
  10. budget office and the joint
  11. for the healthy and the
  12. in oregon and across the
  13. office and the joint committee
  14. oil from the tar sands
  15. senator crapo and i have
  16. that i hope will be
  17. the healthy and the wealthy
  18. land and water conservation fund
  19. and the joint committee on
  20. aside in order to call
  1. in my view
  2. mr. president i
  3. senator crapo and
  4. president i ask
  5. going to be
  6. the affordable care
  7. affordable care act
  8. crapo and i
  9. medicare reimbursement system
  10. i ask unanimous
  11. ask unanimous consent
  12. is going to
  13. medicare and medicaid
  14. oregon and across
  15. the prevention fund
  16. this fire season
  17. when health care
  18. the tax credits
  19. for the healthy
  20. the healthy and
  1. the
  2. .
  3. to
  4. and
  5. of
  6. in
  7. that
  8. is
  9. a
  10. i
  11. for
  12. this
  13. it
  14. care
  15. medicare
  16. be
  17. we
  18. have
  19. are
  20. on
  1. mr. president
  2. of the
  3. president i
  4. health care
  5. my view
  6. in the
  7. older people
  8. senator crapo
  9. reimbursement system
  10. it is
  11. going to
  12. tar sands
  13. fire season
  14. to be
  15. this amendment
  16. crapo and
  17. that is
  18. affordable care
  19. tax credits
  20. the affordable
  1. president i ask unanimous
  2. the affordable care act
  3. mr. president i ask
  4. senator crapo and i
  5. i ask unanimous consent
  6. for the healthy and
  7. is going to be
  8. will be very brief
  9. i will be very
  10. in oregon and across
  11. oregon and across the
  12. unanimous consent that the
  13. i yield the floor
  14. ask unanimous consent that
  15. yield the floor .
  16. the land and water
  17. land and water conservation
  18. be very brief .
  19. i am very hopeful
  20. president i will be

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions May 19, 2016
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Mr. President, today I, along with my colleague Senator Paul from Kentucky, Senator Baldwin from Wisconsin, and Senators Daines and Tester from Montana, am introducing the Stopping Mass Hacking Act, S. 2952, a bill to protect millions of law-abiding Americans from Government hacking."
100Th Anniversary Of The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps At The University Of Oregon May 16, 2016
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Mr. President, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Webfoot Warriors, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program at the University of Oregon. As an alumnus of the University of Oregon Law School, I would like to commemorate this milestone. Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or ROTC, is a voluntary program offered at hundreds of schools across the country. Students who meet the eligibility requirements and stick with the program receive subsidized tuition and, after graduation, are commissioned as officers in the U.S. military. The ROTC curriculum consists of courses in military science and history as well as practical skills and leadership training."
50Th Anniversary Of Clackamas Community College May 16, 2016
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Mr. President, today I wish to congratulate Clackamas Community College, CCC, in Clackamas County, OR, on 50 years of continued growth and achievement in providing valuable education to Oregon's citizens. From Gladstone, to Oregon City, to Wilsonville, CCC has grown to include three campuses and two extension sites. Now with campuses educating 35,000 students, CCC still has a community-minded focus and provides its communities with affordable education and training opportunities which aid in creating family-wage jobs."
40Th Anniversary Of The Immigrant And Refugee Community Organization May 11, 2016
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Mr. President, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, IRCO, a nonprofit organization that serves the many immigrant and refugee communities that come to Oregon seeking a new and better life."
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 May 9, 2016
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Madam President, I wish to make some remarks about our wonderful colleague who passed away last week, Senator Bob Bennett. Two of Senator Bennett's favorite Senators are here on the floor this afternoon--Senator Feinstein and Senator Alexander. What Senator Bennett liked so much about Senator Alexander and Senator Feinstein is what we have seen this afternoon. The two of them have a difference of opinion with respect, I gather, to the Iran deal. I happen to share Senator Feinstein's view, but the two of them are trying to find common ground here in the Senate. That is the Senate at its best, and that is exactly what Bob Bennett liked so much about both my colleague from California and my colleague from Tennessee. So I think it is very fitting that I open my remarks about Senator Bennett after having listened once again to the Chair and ranking member talk about how the Senate is supposed to do business."

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