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Tim Walberg

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  1. services for runaway and homeless
  2. balance of my time .
  3. the balance of my time
  4. youth who are victims of
  5. know of my high regard
  6. may others know of my
  7. others know of my high
  8. the education and the workforce
  9. education and the workforce committee
  10. reserve the balance of my
  11. runaway and homeless youth act
  12. well as my best wishes
  13. as my best wishes for
  14. as well as my best
  15. the runaway and homeless youth
  16. urge my colleagues to vote
  17. of my high regard for
  18. and i yield myself such
  19. and include extraneous material on
  20. for missing and exploited children
  1. runaway and homeless
  2. mr. speaker i
  3. and homeless youth
  4. my time .
  5. of my time
  6. services for runaway
  7. sex trafficking and
  8. for runaway and
  9. for teaching .
  10. the jackson district
  11. child sex trafficking
  12. balance of my
  13. the balance of
  14. who are victims
  15. the workforce committee
  16. victims of sex
  17. are victims of
  18. speaker i yield
  19. and exploited children
  20. the education and
  1. the
  2. .
  3. and
  4. to
  5. of
  6. trafficking
  7. victims
  8. i
  9. in
  10. that
  11. for
  12. this
  13. mr.
  14. youth
  15. child
  16. erin
  17. a
  18. speaker
  19. sex
  20. runaway
  1. sex trafficking
  2. mr. speaker
  3. runaway and
  4. and homeless
  5. the jackson
  6. human trafficking
  7. speaker i
  8. homeless youth
  9. victims of
  10. trafficking victims
  11. trafficking and
  12. victims and
  13. victims .
  14. my time
  15. trafficking .
  16. youth trafficking
  17. district library
  18. h.r. 469 .
  19. jackson district
  20. youth victims
  1. runaway and homeless youth
  2. of my time .
  3. services for runaway and
  4. for runaway and homeless
  5. the balance of my
  6. balance of my time
  7. who are victims of
  8. the education and the
  9. mr. speaker i yield
  10. youth who are victims
  11. victims of sex trafficking
  12. and the workforce committee
  13. reserve the balance of
  14. and homeless youth act
  15. education and the workforce
  16. the runaway and homeless
  17. victims of trafficking .
  18. and i yield myself
  19. know of my high
  20. may others know of

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
God Bless The Flag And Veterans Who Carry It June 14, 2016
Tim Walberg, R-MI
"Mr. Speaker, our veterans face many challenges when they return home from war, both physical and psychological. All too often, the latter is overlooked. An estimated 22 veterans per day take their own life, many of them struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder."
Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Reduction Act Of 2016 May 12, 2016
Tim Walberg, R-MI
"Mr. Chairman, like many States across the country, heroin and opioid addiction is shattering people's lives in my State of Michigan as well."
Infant Plan Of Safe Care Improvement Act May 11, 2016
Tim Walberg, R-MI
"I thank Mr. Barletta for what he is doing here today."
Auto-Owners Insurance 100Th Anniversary April 27, 2016
Tim Walberg, R-MI
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today in recognition of the 100th anniversary of Auto-Owners Insurance Company--headquartered and founded in mid-Michigan."
No Hires For The Delinquent Irs Act April 20, 2016
Tim Walberg, R-MI
"Mr. Speaker, I say thank you, Mr. Chairman, and thank you to my colleagues for their hard work on this package of bills to rein in the IRS and make it more accountable to taxpayers. "

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