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  1. nd congressional district of florida
  2. a first inventor to file
  3. first inventor to file system
  4. 22 nd congressional district of
  5. the 22 nd congressional district
  6. of the war powers resolution
  7. be able to go after
  8. not be able to go
  9. the patent and trademark office
  10. the house of representatives i
  11. a member of the united
  12. we will not be able
  13. member of the united states
  14. in the united states army
  15. in the 21 st century
  16. the rest of the world
  17. will not be able to
  18. of the house of representatives
  19. had i been present i
  20. i been present i would
  1. war powers resolution
  2. st century battlefield
  3. the war powers
  4. first inventor to
  5. inventor to file
  6. broward county public
  7. printing and reproduction
  8. march 21 2011
  9. to file system
  10. the palestinian leaders
  11. a first inventor
  12. forces into hostilities
  13. obama has not
  14. oath to protect
  15. 22 nd congressional
  16. the america invents
  17. america invents act
  18. the debt ceiling
  19. the intellectual property
  20. nd congressional district
  1. 1249
  2. patent
  3. 1246
  4. inventor
  5. broward
  6. pto
  7. belligerents
  8. invents
  9. obama
  10. reproduction
  11. shuttle
  12. jerusalem
  13. 2560
  14. hostilities
  15. space
  16. israel
  17. palestinian
  18. libya
  19. barack
  20. inventors
  1. powers resolution
  2. century battlefield
  3. property clause
  4. war powers
  5. first inventor
  6. and reproduction
  7. inventor to
  8. broward county
  9. file system
  10. section 18
  11. forces into
  12. debt ceiling
  13. the pto
  14. into hostilities
  15. 21 2011
  16. america invents
  17. invents act
  18. the patent
  19. against radical
  20. an invention
  1. the war powers resolution
  2. 21 st century battlefield
  3. first inventor to file
  4. a first inventor to
  5. inventor to file system
  6. an oath to protect
  7. president obama has not
  8. the 22 nd congressional
  9. 22 nd congressional district
  10. the america invents act
  11. able to go after
  12. congressional district of florida
  13. nd congressional district of
  14. of the war powers
  15. the patent and trademark
  16. the united states its
  17. united states congress has
  18. patent and trademark office
  19. house of representatives i
  20. a declaration of war

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
America’S Future December 20, 2012
Allen West, R-FL
"I want to thank the gentlewoman from Tennessee for allowing me to participate this evening. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, for allowing me to have this time. But I want to also pay homage to two great men that are going to be departing this House of Representatives."
Recognizing Tom Kaiser For His Commitment And Dedication To His Fellow Veterans November 16, 2012
Allen West, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, it is my honor to stand today and recognize Tom Kaiser for his selfless devotion to his fellow veterans and brothers in arms."
In Recognition Of The Paralympians In London, England September 12, 2012
Allen West, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the outstanding achievements of a class of athletes whose stories embody the classic American values of perseverance and commitment to excellence."
Congratulations To The Athletes From South Florida Representing The United States In The Olympic Games In London, England July 26, 2012
Allen West, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today as a proud American, anxious to support our American athletes who will be competing in the 2012 London Olympics over the next two weeks. Like the vast majority of my fellow citizens, I will be closely following and cheering for each of our athletes as they represent our country--especially those from the state of Florida."
The Dark Specter Of Sequestration July 25, 2012
Allen West, R-FL
"I spent 22 years of Active Duty service in the United States Army. One of the things that seriously concerns me is this dark specter that hangs over our country right now that is called ``sequestration.''"

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