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  1. my home state of connecticut
  2. in my state of connecticut
  3. home state of connecticut .
  4. my own state of connecticut
  5. the city of new haven
  6. president i ask unanimous consent
  7. mr. president i ask unanimous
  8. the state of connecticut .
  9. connecticut is recognized for 5
  10. gentlewoman from connecticut is recognized
  11. call it a cut .
  12. take my voting responsibility very
  13. my voting responsibility very seriously
  14. i take my voting responsibility
  15. in the state of connecticut
  16. from connecticut is recognized for
  17. over the last number of
  18. at the university of connecticut
  19. the state of connecticut and
  20. yea on rollcall vote no
  1. mr. president i
  2. the new haven
  3. of new haven
  4. state of connecticut
  5. president i ask
  6. long island sound
  7. in new haven
  8. of connecticut .
  9. the senator from
  10. president i rise
  11. university of connecticut
  12. yield the floor
  13. in connecticut and
  14. madam president i
  15. in connecticut .
  16. of connecticut and
  17. my colleague from
  18. we are going
  19. are going to
  20. a quorum .
  1. amendment
  2. hartford
  3. haven
  4. medicare
  5. republican
  6. section
  7. rollcall
  8. intelligence
  9. ought
  10. proposal
  11. consumers
  12. deal
  13. campaign
  14. nuclear
  15. card
  16. republicans
  17. thing
  18. debt
  19. shall
  20. voting
  1. president i
  2. mr. president
  3. new haven
  4. the connecticut
  5. the senator
  6. madam president
  7. i think
  8. senator from
  9. my state
  10. credit card
  11. this amendment
  12. are going
  13. if we
  14. in connecticut
  15. what we
  16. colleague from
  17. the amendment
  18. if you
  19. amendment .
  20. kind of
  1. home state of connecticut
  2. my state of connecticut
  3. state of connecticut .
  4. city of new haven
  5. president i ask unanimous
  6. mr. president i ask
  7. the people of connecticut
  8. state of connecticut and
  9. the university of connecticut
  10. the state of connecticut
  11. mr. president i rise
  12. senator shelby and i
  13. the long island sound
  14. i yield the floor
  15. over the last number
  16. yield the floor .
  17. the last number of
  18. senator collins and i
  19. printed in the record
  20. president i rise today

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
In Tribute To Deana Martin August 1, 2014
Joe Courtney, D-CT
"Mr. Speaker, today I would like to shine a spotlight on an American star for vastly different reasons to which she is accustomed. Deana Martin, an accomplished singer, actor, author and performer in her own right, as well as the daughter of the legendary Dean Martin, will be performing for the people of Enfield at the request of the Lady of Mt. Carmel Society and the local Chief of Police, Mr. Carl Sferrazza."
Resolution To Sue The President July 29, 2014
Joe Courtney, D-CT
"Mr. Speaker, 9.5 million Americans are unemployed. America's roads and rails are crumbling. College graduates are saddled with $1 trillion in debt that they can't refinance. Ukraine and the Middle East are on fire. And what does the Speaker have lined up for us in the final 3 days before his 5-week recess for August? He wants us to pass a resolution to sue the President for actions he doesn't like. Mainstream legal experts have said repeatedly this lawsuit is both ludicrous and dangerous, but what it mostly is is wasteful."
Highway And Transportation Funding Act Of 2014 July 29, 2014
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"Thank you very much, Madam President."
In Tribute To Jenny Contois July 25, 2014
Joe Courtney, D-CT
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today with deep gratitude to pay tribute to a colleague, a friend, and a trusted deputy, Jenny Contois, who retired last month after serving seven and half years as my District Director in Connecticut's Second District."
In Recognition Of The 40Th Anniversary Of The Division Of Cyprus July 25, 2014
Joe Courtney, D-CT
"Mr. Speaker, as you know, July 20th marked the 40th anniversary of Turkey's invasion of Cyprus. At this time, the need for reunification becomes even more apparent."

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