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  1. my home state of connecticut
  2. in my state of connecticut
  3. home state of connecticut .
  4. my own state of connecticut
  5. the city of new haven
  6. president i ask unanimous consent
  7. mr. president i ask unanimous
  8. the state of connecticut .
  9. connecticut is recognized for 5
  10. gentlewoman from connecticut is recognized
  11. call it a cut .
  12. take my voting responsibility very
  13. my voting responsibility very seriously
  14. i take my voting responsibility
  15. in the state of connecticut
  16. from connecticut is recognized for
  17. over the last number of
  18. at the university of connecticut
  19. the state of connecticut and
  20. yea on rollcall vote no
  1. mr. president i
  2. the new haven
  3. of new haven
  4. state of connecticut
  5. president i ask
  6. long island sound
  7. in new haven
  8. of connecticut .
  9. the senator from
  10. president i rise
  11. university of connecticut
  12. yield the floor
  13. in connecticut and
  14. madam president i
  15. in connecticut .
  16. of connecticut and
  17. my colleague from
  18. we are going
  19. are going to
  20. a quorum .
  1. amendment
  2. hartford
  3. haven
  4. medicare
  5. republican
  6. section
  7. rollcall
  8. intelligence
  9. ought
  10. proposal
  11. consumers
  12. deal
  13. campaign
  14. nuclear
  15. card
  16. republicans
  17. thing
  18. debt
  19. shall
  20. voting
  1. president i
  2. mr. president
  3. new haven
  4. the connecticut
  5. the senator
  6. madam president
  7. i think
  8. senator from
  9. my state
  10. credit card
  11. this amendment
  12. are going
  13. if we
  14. in connecticut
  15. what we
  16. colleague from
  17. the amendment
  18. if you
  19. amendment .
  20. kind of
  1. home state of connecticut
  2. my state of connecticut
  3. state of connecticut .
  4. city of new haven
  5. president i ask unanimous
  6. mr. president i ask
  7. the people of connecticut
  8. state of connecticut and
  9. the university of connecticut
  10. the state of connecticut
  11. mr. president i rise
  12. senator shelby and i
  13. the long island sound
  14. i yield the floor
  15. over the last number
  16. yield the floor .
  17. the last number of
  18. senator collins and i
  19. printed in the record
  20. president i rise today

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Fast Track And Marriage Equality April 23, 2015
Rosa DeLauro, D-CT
"Let me say thank you to my colleague from New Jersey. I appreciate her kind words, but it is also true that she has been a strong, strong supporter of what this trade agreement might do to working families in the United States because where her heart and soul and where her values are, are going to strengthen the middle class in this country, not take the jobs away, not lower their wages, but make sure they can take care of themselves and their families."
Honoring New Haven Native Fred Parris April 23, 2015
Rosa DeLauro, D-CT
"Mr. Speaker, it is with great pleasure today that I rise to join Mayor Toni Harp and the City of New Haven as they pay tribute to New Haven native Fred Parris at the City's 377th Anniversary celebration. Today, community leaders and residents will gather to plant five trees, one for each century during which the City of New Haven has been incorporated. As they do so, they will pay homage to the City's ``deep roots'' by recognizing one of our civic icons, Fred Parris."
Protecting Cyber Networks Act April 22, 2015
Jim Himes, D-CT
"Madam Chairwoman, I would like to thank my friend from California for yielding time and start by saying that I am thrilled to be standing here to urge support for the Protecting Cyber Networks Act. I would like to thank and congratulate Chairman Nunes, Ranking Member Schiff, and the chairman of the subcommittee on which I serve as ranking member, Mr. Westmoreland, for coming together at a time when this Congress is accused, often rightly so, of being dysfunctional to take a very substantial step to secure the networks on which so much of our lives today depend."
Honoring Ray Hackett On His Retirement From The Norwich Bulletin April 22, 2015
Joe Courtney, D-CT
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a legendary journalist in eastern Connecticut, Ray Hackett. After 40 years in journalism, the past 27 years at the Norwich Bulletin in Connecticut, Ray is retiring this month from the profession he has loved."
Job Corps 50Th Anniversary April 21, 2015
Rosa DeLauro, D-CT
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to congratulate Job Corps on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary."

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