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  1. my home state of kansas
  2. matching funds are required for
  3. of the farm credit act
  4. are required for this department
  5. no matching funds are required
  6. funds are required for this
  7. had i cast my vote
  8. third congressional district of kansas
  9. president i ask unanimous consent
  10. mr. president i ask unanimous
  11. act of 1971 12 u.s.c.
  12. credit act of 1971 12
  13. a recorded vote on rollcall
  14. farm credit act of 1971
  15. the farm credit act of
  16. in the state of kansas
  17. cast a recorded vote on
  18. altered the final result of
  19. anderson hall manhattan ks 66506
  20. receive funding for this project
  1. mr. president i
  2. district of kansas
  3. president i ask
  4. kansas state university
  5. kansas city kansas
  6. state of kansas
  7. of the kansas
  8. in kansas .
  9. university of kansas
  10. in the kansas
  11. the senator from
  12. of kansas .
  13. in kansas and
  14. the kansas city
  15. yield the floor
  16. in regard to
  17. of kansas and
  18. of requesting entity
  19. president i rise
  20. of kansas city
  1. kansans
  2. wichita
  3. kansas
  4. amendment
  5. cloning
  6. marriage
  7. ks
  8. wheat
  9. abortion
  10. agriculture
  11. intelligence
  12. producers
  13. korea
  14. abortions
  15. nuclear
  16. rollcall
  17. subsection
  18. iran
  19. dole
  20. crop
  1. president i
  2. mr. president
  3. kansas state
  4. in kansas
  5. the kansas
  6. the senator
  7. in regard
  8. i think
  9. madam president
  10. of kansas
  11. senator from
  12. kansas and
  13. stem cells
  14. morning business
  15. marriage penalty
  16. my state
  17. kansas .
  18. north korea
  19. quorum call
  20. are going
  1. my state of kansas
  2. home state of kansas
  3. funds are required for
  4. district of kansas .
  5. president i ask unanimous
  6. mr. president i ask
  7. congressional district of kansas
  8. are required for this
  9. act of 1971 12
  10. of 1971 12 u.s.c.
  11. the farm credit act
  12. credit act of 1971
  13. farm credit act of
  14. state of kansas .
  15. the state of kansas
  16. entity to receive funding
  17. the university of kansas
  18. receive funding for this
  19. state of kansas and
  20. i been in attendance

Current Kansas Legislators

Name District Party
Moran, Jerry R
Roberts, Pat R
Huelskamp, Tim 1 R
Jenkins, Lynn 2 R
Yoder, Kevin 3 R
Pompeo, Mike 4 R

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Moment Of Silence In Honor Of The Marines Who Lost Their Lives On May 12, 2015, In Nepal May 20, 2015
Mike Pompeo, R-KS
"Captain Christopher Lee Norgren, Wichita, Kansas, Kansas' Fourth Congressional District."
Recognizing Brookwood Elementary’S Nancy Bonneau Worth May 20, 2015
Kevin Yoder, R-KS
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the career of one of the most dedicated teachers of the Third Congressional District in Kansas."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 1735, National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2016; Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 36, Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; Providing For… May 13, 2015
Tim Huelskamp, R-KS
"I appreciate the work of my colleague from North Carolina."
Recognizing The Dodge City Cooperative For 100 Years Of Service May 8, 2015
Tim Huelskamp, R-KS
"Mr. Speaker, today I recognize the Dodge City Cooperative. The cooperative, now doing business as Pride Ag Resources, is completing 100 years serving Dodge City and the southwest Kansas area. As a fifth-generation farmer and one of just a handful of farmers currently serving in Congress, I understand the important role cooperatives play in our agricultural economy. Rural America has long depended on this unique business structure to move our products to the marketplace. With the founding of one elevator in Dodge City in 1915, the hope, vision and needs of farmers for the past 100 years brought into existence fourteen additional elevators, four fertilizer locations, two feed mills, six car care centers, four Ace Hardware stores, plus another store soon. Dodge City Cooperative currently employs 200 employees with an annual payroll of over $9.2 million dollars. The hard work and services offered have filled a critical need in supplying area farmers, ranchers and the people of our communities with grain, feed, supplies and goods. Thank you to Dodge City Cooperative and to all of the farmer-owned cooperatives in the ``Big First'' district who help strengthen our rural communities and make Kansas one of the top agricultural-producing states in the entire country."
Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations The Right To Appeal Act—Motion To Proceed May 6, 2015
Pat Roberts, R-KS
"Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the order for the quorum call be rescinded."

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