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  1. more than worthy of receiving
  2. than worthy of receiving our
  3. of receiving our recognition today
  4. in honoring this truly remarkable
  5. worthy of receiving our recognition
  6. receiving our recognition today and
  7. such she is more than
  8. she is more than worthy
  9. recognition today and i urge
  10. as such she is more
  11. is more than worthy of
  12. me in honoring this truly
  13. our recognition today and i
  14. 11 united states code is
  15. my state of new york
  16. of title 11 united states
  17. congressional district of new york
  18. home state of new york
  19. of the council of khalistan
  20. rules i call up house
  1. western new york
  2. of title 11
  3. mr. president i
  4. title 11 united
  5. 11 united states
  6. ... ... ...
  7. the indian government
  8. new york .
  9. the previous question
  10. upstate new york
  11. new york state
  12. president i ask
  13. the senator from
  14. of new york
  15. would have voted
  16. we are going
  17. the new york
  18. rollcall no .
  19. are going to
  20. have voted yea
  1. amendment
  2. brooklyn
  3. israel
  4. rollcall
  5. section
  6. subsection
  7. republican
  8. inserting
  9. nuclear
  10. shall
  11. b
  12. c
  13. deal
  14. thing
  15. consumers
  16. paragraph
  17. republicans
  18. medicare
  19. church
  20. india
  1. ... ...
  2. long island
  3. president i
  4. mr. president
  5. i think
  6. york .
  7. york state
  8. the senator
  9. on rollcall
  10. if we
  11. are going
  12. this amendment
  13. the amendment
  14. the fact
  15. do it
  16. amendment .
  17. by striking
  18. what we
  19. fact that
  20. if you
  1. than worthy of receiving
  2. worthy of receiving our
  3. honoring this truly remarkable
  4. of receiving our recognition
  5. the council of khalistan
  6. in honoring this truly
  7. is more than worthy
  8. more than worthy of
  9. of title 11 united
  10. in western new york
  11. the customary 30 minutes
  12. title 11 united states
  13. the new york state
  14. 11 united states code
  15. on rules i call
  16. rules i call up
  17. i call up house
  18. call up house resolution
  19. purpose of debate only
  20. only i yield the

Congressional Record entries

Entry Title Date
Personal Explanation September 19, 2014
Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I was unavoidably absent during September 17, 2014. If I were present, I would have voted on the following:"
Honoring Colonel Cathleen Harms’ Service To Our Country September 19, 2014
Steve Israel, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, today I rise to pay tribute to Colonel Cathleen Harms of Great Neck, New York, who on July 31, 2014 ended 38 years of military service, including 31 years of commissioned service and rejoins the Retired Reserves. Colonel Harms is also a retired Lieutenant in the New York City Police Department. Colonel Harms began her military career as a dental hygienist. Her enlisted career with the Army National Guard spanned from March 12, 1976 until May 18, 1983. She began her career in the New York Army National Guard in 1976 when she received her Associate of Applied Science degree from the State University of New York at Farmingdale. In addition to serving as a dental hygienist she also served as a Platoon Sergeant in the 824th Medical Detachment. She then earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Public Health from Saint Joseph's College, Brooklyn, NY and Saint John's University, Jamaica, NY, being cross-enrolled in both schools for ROTC purposes. She was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve on May 19, 1983, earning the honor of Distinguished Military Graduate. After commissioning, Colonel Harms completed the Army Medical Department Officer Basic Course. Her first assignment in the Medical Service Corps was as Administrative Officer, 824th Medical Detachment, New York Army National Guard, from May 1983 until May 1989. During this tour she attended the Army Medical Department Theater Medical Operation Course in 1985, was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant on May 18, 1986, and promoted again to the rank of Captain on May 19, 1987. Her next assignment was as the Medical Regulating Officer, for the 244th Medical Group, New York Army National Guard from 1990 until 1993. During this time she served in both a National Guard Status and a Title 10 Active Duty Status and attended the Army Medical Department Officer Advanced Course and the Command and General Staff College Mobilization and Deployment Planning Course. Colonel Harms' next assignment was as the Personnel Officer for the 244th Medical Group of the New York Army National Guard from September 1993 until June 1994, during which time she completed the Patient Administration Course as the Honor Graduate. She then served in the 244th as Patient Administration Officer from July 1994 until July 1997, and graduated from the Command and General Staff Course in 1995. In 1997 she completed the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute's (DEOMI) Equal Opportunity Advisor's Course in which she made the Commandant's list for academic achievement. Her next assignment was as Detachment Commander, 53rd Troop Command New York Army National Guard from August 1997 until December 2000. She was promoted to Major, Army National Guard in October 6, 1997. During this period of command she also completed the National Guard Bureau Military Discrimination Complaint Investigator Course in 1998. Colonel Harms' following assignment was as Equal Opportunity Advisor, 53rd Troop Command, New York Army National Guard, from January 2000 until August 2004. In 2001 she completed the DEOMI Mediation Course and in 2004 she completed the Army National Guard Facilitator Course. She was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard on April 8, 2003. Colonel Harms returned to Active Duty in Title 10 status in August 2004 to the Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants, Guantanamo Bay and Washington, D.C. She served in multiple billets including: Lead Recorder, Chief of Staff, Deputy Branch Chief, Tiger Team, Operations Officer, Special Liaison to Department of State, and Guantanamo Review Task Force Member. She was promoted to the rank of Colonel in the Army National Guard on May 12, 2008. During this assignment, in 2008, she also completed a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College. She next served at the Periodic Review Secretariat in Arlington, Virginia beginning in April 2012, where she served as the Deputy Director for Operations. She entered the Retired Reserves on July 31, 2013, but continued to serve on Retiree Recall orders until May 2014. Colonel Harms' final uniformed assignment was at the Warrior Transition Unit at Fort Belvoir, VA, from June 2014 until July 2014."
Recognizing Reverend Dr. James Cherry, Sr. Of Aenon Missionary Baptist Church Of Rochester, New York, Upon His Retirement September 19, 2014
Louise Slaughter, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay homage to the life and ministry of the Reverend Dr. James Cherry, Sr. Reverend Cherry is the long-serving, revered and accomplished pastor of the highly regarded Aenon Missionary Baptist Church in Rochester, New York."
Turkey September 19, 2014
Steve Israel, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to express my grave concern for Turkey's actions, or should I say lack thereof, vis-a-vis regional security in the Middle East. As ISIS sweeps across Iraq and Syria, we know many foreign fighters have joined their ranks. But what I find incredibly disturbing is that Turkey, a NATO ally, is one of the most active recruitment sources for ISIS. According to reports, as many as 1,000 Turks have joined the ranks of ISIS. Turkey must do more to stop its citizens from joining ISIS, and a good starting point would be to shut down the recruitment operation that has thus far been ignored. Also problematic are the dozens of oil fields and refineries that ISIS now controls across Iraq and Syria. Control of this oil has given ISIS a steady flow of funds placed around $1-$2 million per day on the black market. Turkey again needs to step up and do more to curb the flow of this oil through its territory and put a stop to ISIS's smuggling network. I would also like to express my concern for the erosion of civil liberties and rule of law in Turkey. Intimidation of the press, private businesses, and other civil society actors has been reported. This, along with abuses of religious freedom and surface-level reforms, has made clear that Turkey's democracy is not moving in the right direction. It's time for the Turkish government to take a stand. It's time to lift restrictions on the media and religion, among other key sectors of society. And it's time to put a stop to ISIS's financial and personnel networks that flow through Turkey."
Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act Of 2013 September 19, 2014
Tom Reed, R-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I take this opportunity to clarify a number of interpretive issues with regard to H.R. 3043 and the IRS guidance, Rev. Proc. 2014-35, that it generally codifies."

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