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Entry Title Date
Cloture Motion May 23, 2015
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"So I am going to propound a series of unanimous consent requests to see if we can avoid having the program expire roughly 1 week from now."
Order Of Business May 23, 2015
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"We have 1 week to discuss it. We will have 1 day to do it. So we better be ready next Sunday afternoon to prevent the country from being in danger by the total expiration of the program we are all familiar with."
Highway And Transportation Funding Act Of 2015 May 23, 2015
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"I think all of us understand that the program that once was considered to be the centerpiece of America’s infrastructure and its economy has now deteriorated to the point where we are extending it for 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months at a time. Frankly, it does not serve our country and it doesn’t serve our economy. It is a reflection on the lack of leadership by those who have the authority in committees and in the House and Senate to propose a measure that becomes a long-term highway program."
Spurring Private Aerospace Competitiveness And Entrepreneurship Act Of 2015 May 21, 2015
Kevin McCarthy, R-CA
"Mr. Chairman, I yield the gentleman an additional 1 minute."
Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations The Right To Appeal Act May 21, 2015
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"Madam President, I ask unanimous consent to call up the following amendments en bloc: 1, Boxer No. 1371; 2, Whitehouse No. 1387; 3, Brown No. 1252, to level the playing field; 4, Feinstein No. 1424; 5, Menendez No. 1430; 6, Paul No. 1383; 7, Paul No. 1408; 8, Sullivan No. 1246; 9, Sessions No. 1233; 10, Cruz No. 1384; 11, Cardin No. 1230; 12, Paul No. 1408."

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