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Honoring Walter H. Keck, Jr. April 10, 2014
Steven Palazzo, R-MS
"In 1989, Mr. Keck began his law enforcement career as an officer with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. Nearly 10 years later, he assisted the city of D’Iberville in creating its own police department while continuing to work for Harrison County. Sworn in as D’Iberville police captain in 2008 and deputy chief of police in 2012, Mr. Keck retires on May 6, 2014, with over 28 years of law enforcement service."
Tribute To Peter Munk April 10, 2014
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Under Mr. Munk’s strong leadership, Barrick Gold has given back to the many communities surrounding Barrick mining operations, and the company has helped provide added support for local economic, health, and social development. In Nevada, much needed school supplies, college scholarships, and large community projects have been funded with the support of Barrick Gold. The company has also implemented strict controls to help reduce the impacts of mining on the environment and contributed to wildlife restoration and improvement projects to enhance Nevada’s native plants and species habitats. For instance, in 2012, Barrick partnered with Federal and State land managers to restore vital greater sage-grouse habitat that had been scarred and damaged by a devastating wildfire."
Nomination Of Michelle T. Friedland To Be United States Circuit Judge For The Ninth Circuit—Continued April 10, 2014
Amy Klobuchar, D-MN
"In 2012 alone, identity thieves filed 1.8 million fraudulent tax returns, almost double the number confirmed in 2011. The numbers and the documents in these cases may be forged, but the dollars behind them are real, because in 2012 there was another 1.1 million fraudulent tax returns that slipped through the cracks, and our U.S. Treasury paid out $3.6 billion in the fraudulent returns—$3.6 billion. That is the number coming from the IRS. That is your taxpayer dollars going down the drain to people who are actually stealing taxpayers’ identities, putting them on returns, filing returns, and getting back the money."
Tribute In Honor Of Bernice Hudson Washington April 10, 2014
Terri Sewell, D-AL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize and pay tribute to the life and legacy of Bernice Hudson Washington, a beloved public servant remembered for her extraordinary display of compassion and kindness as a life-long addiction and home service counselor in the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Bernice Hudson Washington passed away on Sunday, April 6 at the age of 84. While I join the Tuscaloosa community in being deeply saddened by her passing, I know her legacy is one that will live on in the lives of those she touched through her work as a counselor. Mrs. Washington was the proud mother of a daughter, Alice Page of Northport, grandmother of Sonja Henley and Vanraybern Thames and stepmother of Betty Dickerson. After helping her brother to overcome alcohol addiction, Mrs. Washington was drawn into a lifelong career counseling and empowering those who suffer from addiction. She began her career as an addiction counselor in 1972 when she joined the inaugural staff at Indian Rivers Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center. Mrs. Washington established the Insight Center, a center that offered preventive programs for alcoholics and drug addicts, in 1974. She directed the Insight Center until her retirement in October 1994. The Insight Center was dedicated in her honor on May 29, 1993, as the Bernice Hudson Washington Insight Center. Mrs. Washington spent 20 years as a certified addiction counselor at the Insight Center. During this time, she expanded the concept of addiction treatment by helping the families of addicts to overcome the difficulties associated with addiction. Mrs. Washington’s opened her home to recovering addicts providing them with home-cooked meals and games of checkers and dominoes on the weekends. Mrs. Washington also served as resident commissioner for the Tuscaloosa Housing Authority and provided invaluable counseling services to first-time homeowners. The housing authority dedicated a nine-house development for new homeowners in her honor in 2012 as the Bernice Hudson Washington Estates. At the dedication ceremony for the Bernice Hudson Washington Estates, one of the new homeowners explained his admiration for Mrs. Washington to a local reporter, “She molded me and my mom, my thinking and the type of person that I am,” he said. “If God can give me just a little bit of what she did to inspire people, I’ll be so grateful.”"
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 April 10, 2014
Jim Langevin, D-RI
"We have seen this budget before—a couple of times, in fact. It’s the same budget Chairman Ryan brought us in 2013, and in 2012. It is a budget that works for the one percent at the expense of the other 99 percent. It shifts future costs to seniors by ending the Medicare guarantee and raising prescription drug costs. It cuts investment in our Nation’s infrastructure, slashes funding for program, that keep children from going hungry, and guts education through cuts to Pell grants and K-12 education. Republicans have proposed a budget that attacks the very foundation of the middle class. It is a path that will lead to economic uncertainty for millions of Americans, and it is not a budget I can support in good conscience."

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