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Keystone Xl Pipeline Approval Act—Veto March 4, 2015
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"This is a picture of a tar sands spill in 2013 in Mayflower, AR. That has not been cleaned up because this is tar sands oil. We had a spill in Michigan, and we know that since 2011 they have not been able to clean up that spill. So why would we build a pipeline to bring dirty, filthy oil into our great Nation and our great communities when we know the dangers?"
Passenger Rail Reform And Investment Act Of 2015 March 4, 2015
Corrine Brown, D-FL
"As more and more Americans turn to rail as their preferred mode of transportation, Amtrak is building the infrastructure and organization to meet this demand. Amtrak carried a record number of 31.6 million passengers in 2013. Their ridership has been growing across the system for over a decade, with last year’s ridership numbers being the largest in history. Currently, they serve more than 500 destinations in 46 States and provide the only public transportation option for millions of rural Americans."
Tribute To Virginia Carmody March 4, 2015
John Katko, R-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the service of Virginia Carmody to the community of Onondaga County, New York. A resident of Onondaga Hill, Mrs. Carmody has served as the Executive Director of the Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County for over 6 years. In her role as Executive Director, Mrs. Carmody has established and led expansive literacy programs in Onondaga County, working towards the goal of complete literacy in the County. In 2010, Mrs. Carmody oversaw the implementation of the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program in the City of Syracuse, New York. The program has provided over 68,000 free books to over 4,500 children in the city. In addition, Mrs. Carmody manages adult literacy initiatives, such as an adult literacy database. Due to the work of the Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County promoting early reading, spearheaded by Mrs. Carmody, the National Campaign for Grade-Level Reading recognized Syracuse as one of 38 municipalities across the country, as a 2013 Pacesetter. Mrs. Carmody previously served for over 26 years in the Congressional offices of three New York Representatives. Mrs. Carmody serves on the boards of Syracuse 20/20, the Onondaga Citizens League, Visions for Change, and is a member of the Rotary Club of Syracuse. She holds a Master of Public Administration degree from American University and a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in Elementary Education from the College of St. Rose. She is supported by her husband, Mitch and two children, Riley and Christina. Virginia Carmody has worked fervently to improve literacy in Onondaga County through community engagement. I am proud to congratulate Mrs. Carmody in her deserving receipt of the Women Who Make America Award."
Happy Birthday To Gpo March 4, 2015
Robert Brady, D-PA
"Mr. Speaker, on March 4, 1861, the Government Printing Office (GPO), as it was then known, opened its doors and began fulfilling an essential mission for the American people. On March 4, 2015, 154 years later, the newly renamed Government Publishing Office continues to perform that mission: producing and disseminating the official documents of this Congress and the executive and judicial branches to keep America informed. This is not merely my opinion as a proud supporter of the GPO and its talented workforce, but also the conclusion of a 2013 report of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) requested by Congress."
Welcoming The Korean National Assembly Speaker To Washington March 4, 2015
Ed Royce, R-CA
"For over 60 years, the U.S.-South Korea relationship has been a linchpin of peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2013, I welcomed President Park Geun-hye, the Republic of Korea’s first female president, to Southern California where she addressed the Korean-American community to discuss the 60th anniversary of the U.S.-South Korean alliance. As a former Chairman of the U.S.-Republic of Korea Inter-Parliamentary Exchange, I have been proud to help enhance the alliance, including by upgrading Korea’s Foreign Military Sales status to NATO+4, passing the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement and securing an extension of the U.S.-Korea Civilian Nuclear Energy Agreement."

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