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Recognizing The 2016 Institute For Excellence In Sales & Business Development Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients June 24, 2016
Gerald Connolly, D-VA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the 2016 recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Awards presented by the Institute for Excellence in Sales & Business Development (IES). IES was created to foster excellence in business sales and development practices and to help sales professionals and organizations maximize their efforts. IES conducts a variety of workshops and programs designed to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to advance the careers and growth of those who attend. Each year, IES recognizes individuals, teams, and organizations throughout the United States who demonstrate exemplary performance through leadership, risk taking, innovation, vision, and customer development. Awards are presented in categories including Excellence in Sales Innovation, Excellence in Sales Training, Excellence in Sales Management, Excellence in Customer Partnering, and Excellence in Strategic Alliances. In addition, Lifetime Achievement Awards are bestowed to a select few who have demonstrated continued success and have made significant contributions in their fields. The recipients of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Awards are the founders and leaders of immixGroup, a government contract management firm based in McLean, Virginia in the heart of the 11th District. I am pleased to congratulate Art Richer, Steve Charles and Jeff Copeland on receiving this prestigious award. Mr. Richer currently serves as Vice-President, Arrow ECS. An accomplished sales and business development executive who has spent more than 25 years selling information technology products and services within the government sector, Mr. Richer has extensive experience working with technology manufacturers of all sizes, ranging very large and established companies to numerous high growth and emerging technology firms. Mr. Charles co-founded immixGroup in 1997. Over the past two decades he has helped hundreds of technology manufacturers succeed in the government marketplace. Mr. Charles is actively involved in government-industry associations including TechAmerica, ACT-IAC, Coalition for Government Procurement, and the National Contract Management Association. A recognized expert in every dimension of the government technology ecosystem, he meets regularly with leaders in government and industry to increase understanding and positive action. Mr. Copeland began his career with immixGroup as co-founder of the company along with Mr. Charles. Beginning in 1997, he served as Chairman and CEO before transitioning to Executive Chairman in 2013. Mr. Copeland has earned a reputation for building and managing highly effective government teams that set records for revenue and profitability. Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing Art Richer, Steve Charles and Jeff Copeland for their innovative and effective leadership and in congratulating them on receiving the 2016 IES Lifetime Achievement Awards."
Veteran Engagement Teams Act June 21, 2016
Corrine Brown, D-FL
"Under this administration, the VA has nearly eliminated the claims backlog. At the height of the backlog in 2013, there were more than 600,000 claims. Today, that number has been reduced to fewer than 75,000. The VA has made incredible strides on claims, and I applaud its hardworking staff who has made this happen. However, we also owe it to our veterans to look at and test new methods to improve services and continue refining the VA claims process. This legislation is a step in that direction."
Shelby Decision … Three Years Later June 21, 2016
Terri Sewell, D-AL
"In 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision that simply called for an update of the formula used to determine which states required federal preclearance prior to enacting legislation affecting the voting process. Shortly after, a number of states, including Alabama, quickly passed restrictive laws designed to suppress the vote after the Supreme Court struck down Section 4—the coverage formula provision making it harder of federal protection for vulnerable communities. Since the decision, new restrictive laws have been put in place in 22 states—18 of them Republican led—since 2010. The Shelby decision made it easier to limit access to the ballot box. And so here we are … three years later."
Jeanne And Jules Manford Post Office Building June 21, 2016
Brenda Lawrence, D-MI
"In 1993, almost a year after losing Morty to complications of AIDS, Jeanne Manford served as the grand marshal of the New York Gay Pride Parade. Following her death in 2013, Jeanne was awarded the Nation’s second highest civilian award, the Presidential Citizens Medal, by President Barack Obama."
Fraud Reduction And Data Analytics Act Of 2015 June 21, 2016
Will Hurd, R-TX
"A significant portion of the Federal Government’s $124 billion in overpayments in fiscal year 2014—$19 billion more than fiscal year 2013—were fraud-related."

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