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Honoring Tyrone Area High School For Receiving The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program Recognition October 9, 2015
Bill Shuster, R-PA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Tyrone Area High School for receiving the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognition. Since 1982, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program has celebrated schools that have either made significant improvements or achieved an outstanding level of school-wide performance. This year, only 335 schools in the United States were honored with this distinction, including the 9th District’s Tyrone Area High School. In order to achieve this distinction, schools must earn test scores that illustrate advanced or strongly improving academic achievement. As the Tyrone Area High School mission statement explains, there is an expectation that all students will achieve high levels of personal and academic success. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated students and the support of not only highly organized administrators and teachers but also the community, Tyrone Area High School has attained this extraordinary honor. Furthermore, this involved and no-nonsense approach has enabled Tyrone students to achieve this recognition despite lacking the same resources as some of the state’s wealthiest districts. A true mark of its high expectations, Tyrone High exposes all of its students to college-level coursework, and the results speak for themselves. Tyrone students led a state of 541 districts in both writing achievement and growth in 2012, and placed first in the state in 2013 for literature growth. In 2014, Tyrone had the highest School Performance Profile in the 35-district Intermediate Unit. It is my privilege to congratulate Tyrone Area High School for its National Blue Ribbon Schools recognition. I’m also proud to highlight the dedicated and involved effort of all those who made this award possible as it represents the spirit of the 9th Congressional District of Pennsylvania."
Honoring The Life Of Megan Elizabeth Barron October 9, 2015
Jim Costa, D-CA
"Regardless of the obstacles Megan encountered she remained positive and was a scholar who focused on her studies. Megan graduated salutatorian of Coral Springs High School in 2009. She went on to graduate from Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke University in 2013. While at Duke, Megan was inducted into Phi Alpha Theta history honor society and she founded the Duke Disability Alliance."
Balancing The Budget October 9, 2015
Rob Woodall, R-GA
"I had never seen it before in my lifetime, Mr. Speaker, never seen it before in my lifetime. But we weren’t done, because when you put 435 minds together in here, you really can do some neat things, Mr. Speaker. In divided government where we all have skin in the game, where we are all trying to accomplish a goal, you can do some amazing things. So from 2012 to 2013, still with 10,000 men and women a day applying for new Social Security and Medicare benefits that they had earned, we cut total Federal spending again—again, not funny Washington, D.C., math, but reprioritizing what those goals were the American people sent us here to achieve and trying to achieve those goals, not because it is a mathematical exercise, but because if we don’t, interest on our national debt is going to squeeze out all of the other priorities that we share as a nation."
Restoring Voting Rights October 8, 2015
Joyce Beatty, D-OH
"In 2013, that changed. In the two years since the Supreme Court struck down one of the Voting Rights Act’s most important provisions in Shelby County v. Holder,—the Justice Department’s ability to prevent discriminatory rules—our democracy has been weakened."
Gun Violence October 8, 2015
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"In the year 2013, the number of American police officers shot dead in the line of duty was 27—27, in 2013. In 2013, the number of preschoolers—that is, children under the age of 4—who were shot dead was 82; 27 American police officers, 82 children under the age of 4 were shot dead. We need to do better as a nation."

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