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Additional Statements April 11, 2014
Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH
"Mr. President, 51 years ago the USS Thresher, a nuclear-powered attack submarine built and maintained at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, left safe harbor on what was to be her final voyage. She was manned by a crew of 16 officers, 96 sailors, and 17 civilians. Just 1 day later, on the morning of April 10, 1963, the USS Thresher was declared lost with all hands, the largest loss of life in a submarine accident to-date."
Nomination Of Michelle T. Friedland To Be United States Circuit Judge For The Ninth Circuit—Continued April 10, 2014
Charles Grassley, R-IA
"Earlier this year PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 31 percent of serious fraud globally was detected by whistleblowing systems or other tipoffs. According to a 2012 report from another organization, that number is even higher when looking just in the United States, with 51 percent of the fraud tips coming from a company’s own employees."
Commemorating Equal Pay Day April 8, 2014
Sam Farr, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, it is simply unfathomable that today is Equal Pay Day, the day when, more than three months into the year, women’s wages finally catch up to what men were paid in the previous year. This is flat out unacceptable. Today is not a celebration or a happy occasion at all. It is a glaring reminder of the hard work that still needs to be done in order to achieve gender parity in pay. Women are half the population! How has this inequity been allowed to stand for so long? When President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law in 1963, women on average made 59 cents for every dollar earned by men. It has been 51 years since the Equal Pay Act was signed into law, and yet women still earn on average only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, amounting to a yearly gap of $11,607 between full-time working men and women. We’ve made some progress—but not nearly enough."
Paycheck Fairness Act—Motion To Proceed—Continued April 8, 2014
Deb Fischer, R-NE
"We fully agree that gender-based pay discrimination in the modern workplace is unacceptable. We just have different ideas from some of our colleagues about the best way to combat this. Prevailing concern among women with wage discrimination indicates that there is more work to do. That is why I have worked with Senator Collins, Senator Ayotte, and Senator Murkowski to file an amendment to modernize key portions of that 51-year-old Equal Pay Act."
Paycheck Fairness Act April 8, 2014
Richard Blumenthal, D-CT
"Unfortunately, the promise of the Equal Pay Act, signed in 1963 by President Kennedy, has yet to be achieved. That promise was that equality would prevail in the workplace. Yet 51 years later the disparities are glaring, the gaps between gender pay are unacceptable and inexcusable. Women make only 77 percent of every dollar earned by men. The disparity is even greater in certain professions. In the janitorial profession, among supervisors, and among CEOs, women make 70 cents or less on the dollar. The same is true among financial advisers and among product inspectors. So the disparities cut across all professions. In fact, in 97 percent of all professions, women make less on average than men. That is why we must work to change the law."

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