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Cut Spending, Cap Spending, And Balance The Budget July 19, 2011
Bobby Schilling, R-IL
"Congress has raised the debt ceiling 51 times since 1978, and look where we are today. How can we see these next 2 weeks as anything but an opportunity to put our great country on a better fiscal path?"
Debt Limit July 12, 2011
Bobby Schilling, R-IL
"Madam Speaker, I come before the floor of the House this morning to talk about the top issue of the Illinois 17th Congressional District, and that is the debt limit. The debt limit has been raised 51 times since 1978. Mr. Geithner has indicated that doing the same thing over and over again is insanity, and I tend to agree with him."
America’S Debt Crisis May 31, 2011
Bobby Schilling, R-IL
"Secretary Geithner has said that it would be insane not to raise the debt limit. I believe the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The debt limit has been raised 51 times since 1978. Today we are facing a crushing debt of more than $14 trillion. The insanity must stop here."
Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act September 28, 2006
Jane Harman, D-CA
"FISA has been modernized 51 times since then. It is now a modern, flexible statute which includes 12 amendments since 9/11 made at the administration’s request. It is a vital tool for the FBI, the CIA and the NSA in their investigations of terrorism and espionage."
Employment Of U.S. Military Forces May 25, 2000
Pat Roberts, R-KS
"Does this sound familiar? Currently, the United States has troops in 141 nations and at sea; 55 percent of the nations of the world have U.S. troops stationed within their borders. From 1956—that is the second term of President Eisenhower—to 1992, the United States used military forces abroad 51 times. Since 1992, the U.S. has used military force 51 times."

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