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Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper December 2, 2014
Roger Williams, R-TX
"Mr. Speaker, I am proud to announce that Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper will be inducted into the National Football Foundation’s Leadership Hall of Fame on January 8th, 2015."
In Recognition Of The National Organization Of Black Veterans And National Commander Brigadier General (Ret.) Robert A. Cocroft December 2, 2014
Charles Rangel, D-NY
"During his illustrious military career and service, he was once offered a position in military intelligence, but declined because he believed that as a Black officer he would be used to spy on student demonstrators such as the Black Panther Party. He describes going to Panama for jungle training and becoming anemic due to taking required anti-malaria drug Primaquine, which reacted with his G6PD deficiency. Sent to Korea, he mentions assignment to headquarter Special Troops and processing military personnel with the 8th Army and touches on racial tension, infiltrators along the Demilitarized Zone, attitudes towards Republic of Korea soldiers, and estimates of military strength."
In Honor Of Margaret Hagerty December 1, 2014
Richard Hudson, R-NC
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Margaret Hagerty, a constituent from my hometown of Concord who at 91 years old is the oldest person to finish this year’s New York City marathon. Now, in North Carolina, we know the value of putting in the time and effort to reach our goals. We aren’t strangers to hard work, but Margaret outpaces us all. From 5Ks on Union Street in Concord to marathons at the Great Wall of China, Margaret has participated in countless races and has the trophies and medals to prove it. She also holds the world record for oldest person to finish a marathon on every continent. Margaret wasn’t always a runner and didn’t take up the sport until her early 60s. One day, she woke up, started running and didn’t want to stop. It’s extremely inspiring to see someone work so hard to achieve amazing things. I admire Margaret for her dedication and her tenacity—her outlook on life is something we can all aspire to. I wish her all the best in her future races. For everyone back home in the 8th District, she’ll always finish first in our book."
Crittenton Services Celebrates 126Th Anniversary December 1, 2014
Chris Van Hollen, D-MD
"4C’ING the Future (Crittenton College and Career Connection), a college and career access program that engages parents and prepares 8th grade girls to become the first in their families to attend college."
Congratulating Merle Sidener Academy For High Ability Students, A Blue Ribbon School November 19, 2014
Susan Brooks, R-IN
"Since opening its doors in 2008 as a magnet school for Indianapolis’ gifted and talented students, the Sidener Academy has grown to nearly 400 students and offers a 2nd-8th grade curriculum. The school was named in honor of Merle Sidener, a prominent figure in the Indianapolis community. After making a successful career in journalism, Sidener eventually served as the President of the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners."

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