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Carbon dioxide

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Providing For Congressional Disapproval Of A Rule Submitted By The Environmental Protection Agency—Continued November 17, 2015
John Hoeven, R-ND
"Madam President, I rise to speak in opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules on carbon dioxide, which I believe need to be rescinded."
Providing For Congressional Disapproval Of A Rule Submitted By The Environmental Protection Agency November 17, 2015
Shelley Capito, R-WV
"Since 2005, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by 13 percent. According to the EIA, West Virginia has emitted 19 percent less carbon dioxide since the year 2000. We should continue on this track. We should continue to protect our environment but not at the expense of our families, our communities, and our economy. I am serious when I say, if you come to West Virginia, you will easily see this."
Military Construction And Veterans Affairs And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 November 9, 2015
Daniel Coats, R-IN
"By the way, it is totally environmentally pure. There is no carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, or any other emission issue here that is harmful to our environment. Yet we have suspended all this for various reasons—mostly the concern about a situation where it gets out of hand, even though today’s technology can essentially provide safety for that."
Forest Products Week October 22, 2015
Suzan DelBene, D-WA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize Forest Products Week and the forest products industry’s contributions to greener manufacturing practices. In Washington State, we have over 58 sawmill, millwork and wood treating facilities; 12 engineered wood and panel facilities; and 16 facilities manufacturing other wood products. We know that forests play a critical role in filtering and renewing our air. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and water, and release oxygen. Some of the carbon absorbed by trees is stored for a long period of time. In fact, one-half the weight of wood is carbon. Wood can be manufactured into many useful products. In addition, a large portion of the energy used in forest products manufacturing is produced from biomass like bark and sawdust, meaning the amount of energy used to produce wood products can be vastly lower than other materials. Finally, wood is also renewable and provides for an increase in “green” buildings that have a positive carbon footprint. Recently, Secretary Vilsack visited my district and described the many benefits to building with wood products such as cross-laminated timber. During Forest Products Week, let’s all recognize the many employees and products that contribute to an increased environmental awareness in sustainable building materials as well as in many other areas."
Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Of 2015 October 20, 2015
Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI
"That was in 1977. That same year, James F. Black, a top scientific researcher at the Exxon Corporation, gave that company’s executives a similar warning. “[T]here is general scientific agreement,” he told Exxon’s Management Committee, “that the most likely manner in which mankind is influencing the global climate is through carbon dioxide release from the burning of fossil fuels.” According to emerging reports, Exxon executives kept that warning a closely guarded company secret for years."

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