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Recognizing The Importance And Impact Of Small Businesses On Our Nation’S Economy June 14, 2016
Cresent Hardy, R-NV
"It wasn’t always easy as a small-business owner, but having the opportunity to employ hundreds of employees over the years is an experience I would never trade."
Louisiana Lemonade Day June 13, 2016
David Vitter, R-LA
"This year over 50,000 children across the State of Louisiana will learn firsthand what is necessary to start and run a small business. The Louisiana Lemonade Day takes children through a 14-step process from the dream of starting a small business all the way to launching one. It focuses on life lessons of learning how to save, spend, budget, and, most importantly, contribute to their local communities. This year marks the sixth anniversary of Louisiana Lemonade Day, and I would like to specifically commend the volunteers and supporters in cities across our State that include New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Iberia, Covington, Slidell, and many more. Since 2007 this program has reached over 1 million children across the entire Nation, and has played a significant role in educating and motivating the youth in the Pelican State."
Honoring Martin Grocer Penny Store June 13, 2016
Bennie Thompson, D-MS
"The 83-year-old Exelena Martin decided it was time to retire in November 2015. Martin’s is an example of a small business weathering the test of time."
To Honor The Life And Legacy Of Edna Lanier May 13, 2016
Richard Hudson, R-NC
"Mrs. Lanier was also a small business owner and a prominent member of the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce. In 1940, Mrs. Lanier and her husband, Ardell, opened Lanier Hardware, which has been a fixture in uptown Lexington since the day it opened. Because Mr. and Mrs. Lanier were partners in everything they did, whether it was in business or in their everyday lives, she helped run the hardware store and would do all of the bookkeeping and accounting. They also started Standell Properties, a local real estate business."
Helping Angels Lead Our Startups Act April 27, 2016
Bill Huizenga, R-MI
"Mr. Speaker, as a small-business owner and coming from a family of very entrepreneurial people, I know the importance of fostering an environment that promotes economic opportunity and especially allows small businesses to grow and create jobs."

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