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Government Waste, Fraud, And Abuse June 24, 2015
Marsha Blackburn, R-TN
"As one of my constituents said: You know, it seems that they are always after one of us, a small-business owner, but they never go ask a Federal bureaucrat or a Federal agency to pony up or to pay back money or to be held accountable."
Dhs It Duplication Reduction Act Of 2015 June 23, 2015
Will Hurd, R-TX
"Mr. Speaker, when I was building a cybersecurity firm in the private sector, things like this didn’t happen because there is no way that a small business trying to grow would ever waste their money like this."
Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act—Continued June 23, 2015
Joe Donnelly, D-IN
"Although we are a small business, this segment of our business is very important to us and provides excellent profitability and jobs here in Indiana as well as jobs for our contract manufacturers in Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio. All would suffer if we lost this business."
National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2016 June 18, 2015
Pat Roberts, R-KS
"A small business owner in Cummings, KS, called my office to inform me his premium this year went up over $500 a month—more than double last year’s."
King V. Burwell Decision June 18, 2015
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"I have come down and talked about people from Connecticut. I talked about Christina, a small business owner from Stratford; Susie, a two-time breast cancer survivor from North Canaan, CT; and Sean and Emilie, two freelancers from Weston. All of these people have gotten tax credits through the Affordable Care Act, and it has allowed them to have a lower tax bill but also get insurance. Many of them, it was the first time in their lives or in recent history that they have been able to afford insurance. But there are stories all over the country that are parallel to the stories from Connecticut I have been telling on the floor of the Senate over the course of the last year."

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