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20Th Anniversary Of Enactment Of The Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990 July 22, 2010
Michael Enzi, R-WY
"That was when I took it upon myself to write a manual to help congressional offices prepare for visitors, interns, and staff who may have accessibility needs. As elected officials it is our role to ensure that everyone who comes to visit the Nation’s Capitol or our home offices, including people with accessibility needs, are included in our daily dialogue. The manual contains all disability specific resources offered by the Office of Congressional Accessibility Services, the Sergeant at Arms, the Capitol Police, the Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Architect of the Capitol, and other offices in the Capitol Hill complex in an easily available and easy to read format so that if a constituent who is deaf arrives at a meeting and a sign language interpreter was not reserved the office can easily determine who to call for assistance."
Privileges Of The Floor August 6, 2009
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that Joseph Lewis, of Senator Harkin’s staff, and Timothy Snider, of the Office of Congressional Accessibility Services, be granted the privilege of the floor for the duration of today’s session."
Capitol Visitor Center Act Of 2008 October 2, 2008
Robert Brady, D-PA
"Subtitle B—Office of Congressional Accessibility ServicesSec. 411. Office of Congressional Accessibility Services.Sec. 412. Transfer from Capitol Guide Service."
Capitol Visitor Center Act Of 2008 March 5, 2008
Robert Brady, D-PA
"H.R. 5159 defines the duties, responsibilities, and roles for a variety of administrative offices such as the Chief Executive Officer of Visitor Services, Office of the Capitol Visitor Center, and the Office of Congressional Accessibility Services. The bill also provides for visitor center services, restaurants, and the gift shop."

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