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affordable care

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Obamacare Premium Hikes Are Hurting Families July 29, 2014
Joe Wilson, R-SC
"Mr. Speaker, the failing Affordable Care Act has proven not to be affordable for American families. Health care premiums have increased with confusing coverage destroying jobs."
House Republicans’ Shameful Diversion Techniques July 29, 2014
Jerrold Nadler, D-NY
"We had plenty of time to take 50 votes on repealing the Affordable Care Act at a cost to the taxpayers of about $79 million to repeat that vote 50 times. We had time for the Republicans to shut down the government. That cost the economy about $24 billion."
Institutional Litigation Is Unprecedented July 29, 2014
G. Butterfield, D-NC
"The Republicans have chosen to proceed with a one-Chamber resolution. The Affordable Care Act, I remind you, was a two-Chamber enactment. The House, as an institution, as a subset of the Congress, Mr. Speaker, cannot by itself enforce a legislative enactment. It must be bicameral."
What Have Republicans Done For You Lately? July 29, 2014
Hank Johnson, D-GA
"This session of Congress, the 113th Congress, which threatens to go down in history as the least productive Congress in the history of this great Nation, this Congress has produced a government shutdown, which cost the American people $24-plus billion. And we have spent in this House of Representatives $79-plus million shuffling paper and voting 50 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act."
Legislative Program July 25, 2014
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"The gentleman talks about thousands of pages. We can get into that debate at some other time. I know which he refers to, a bill that had literally more consideration than any other bill I have seen considered by the Congress of the United States—the Affordable Care Act, which is having, in my view, a very positive effect. We don’t need to debate that today."

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