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affordable care act

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Generic Drug Report And Study Request December 15, 2014
Bill Nelson, D-FL
"During the debate in the Senate on the Affordable Care Act, I fought to eliminate the so-called Medicare Part D doughnut hole because no senior should have their drug coverage disappear when they need it most. I believe that closing the prescription drug doughnut hole was one of the best things we did in the Affordable Care Act, and in my State alone seniors have saved more than $756 million on their drugs since the law was passed."
Executive Session December 15, 2014
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Jay Rockefeller has been a leader in the fight against Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions. He was a powerful and persistent voice, particularly in advocating for low-income Americans in the Affordable Care Act. I am especially pleased to note that Senator Rockefeller, along with my colleague and partner on the Finance Committee Senator Hatch, really played the key role in creating the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This is a program I hope not only will be extended but also strengthened in the next Congress. As many Members of this body know, Jay Rockefeller’s work to protect and expand Medicaid is without equal."
Tributes To Departing Senators December 15, 2014
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"As chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, HELP, Senator Harkin has helped create a new model of health care, one focused on prevention and health rather than reaction and sickness. He was one of the leaders in crafting the Affordable Care Act, giving millions of Americans better access to health care. He has continually fought for the missions of and the funding for the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and the Food and Drug Administration."
Nomination Of Robert S. Adler To Be A Commissioner Of The Consumer Product Safety Commission December 2, 2014
John Thune, R-SD
"Unfortunately, as far too many Americans have found, the President’s health care law has actually forced them to pay more. I have lost count of the number of letters I have gotten from constituents in South Dakota telling me how much their health insurance has gone up since the so-called Affordable Care Act passed."
Nomination Of P. David Lopez To Be General Counsel Of The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission December 2, 2014
John Cornyn, R-TX
"As he pointed out, that broader group of the middle class represented a much larger segment of the electorate than just a small percentage of the electorate represented by the uninsured. I would add, parenthetically, that we know that even the best laid plans with the Affordable Care Act has proven to be a terrible failure."

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