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affordable care act

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Immigration Reform November 19, 2014
Patty Murray, D-WA
"We all know what happens when Tea Party Republicans go down this road. We saw it just last year when we had a 16-day government shutdown that brought the day-to-day workings of the government and businesses across the country to a screeching halt. That shutdown, we all know, was bad for our economy. It hit workers’ paychecks, it made families across our country question whether their elected officials could get anything done at all. It was all because of a failed Tea Party political effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the umpteenth time."
President’S Health Care Law November 19, 2014
John Barrasso, R-WY
"The Obama administration on Friday unveiled data showing that many Americans with health insurance bought under the Affordable Care Act could face substantial price increases next year—in some cases as much as 20 percent."
Child Care And Development Block Grant Of 2014—Resumed November 13, 2014
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"Mr. President, after the election, I have heard a number of my colleagues in the House of Representatives and in the Senate say they are going to come to the floor of the Senate and to the floor of the House and again try to repeal the Affordable Care Act."
Obamacare Architect November 13, 2014
Diane Black, R-TN
"It is no secret that the ObamaCare was built on broken promise after broken promise. Millions of Americans’ insurance plans have been canceled; they have lost access to their doctors and hospitals; and instead of reducing premiums by $2,500, like the President promised, premiums are skyrocketing across our Nation. And now we have seen one of the key designers of the Affordable Care Act candidly discuss the smoke and mirrors that went into getting this disastrous law passed in the first place."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 5682, Approval Of The Keystone Xl Pipeline November 13, 2014
Jared Polis, D-CO
"We all wish that this process could have been completed 6 months ago, 3 months ago. We hope it is completed a month from now, 6 months from now. But giving the President the same choice he has today by passing this bill doesn’t move the process forward. We should be taking advantage of our last few precious weeks before the end of the year to address some of the important pieces of legislation that the Senate has sent over, but somehow what we are debating, repealing the Affordable Care Act for the 53rd time or the Keystone pipeline again and again, somehow this body hasn’t had time to even consider or debate or allow a vote on important pieces of legislation like the bipartisan immigration reform package that received more than two-thirds support in the United States Senate. There is a companion bill that is bipartisan that has been introduced in the House. There is a discharge petition at the desk for Members to sign to demand a simple up-or-down vote to fix our broken immigration system, secure our borders, reduce our budget deficit by over $200 billion."

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