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affordable care act

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Providing For Congressional Disapproval Of A Rule Submitted By The National Labor Relations Board March 4, 2015
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"Mr. President, today is a make-or-break day for millions of Americans who are better off because of the Affordable Care Act. As we speak, the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on a case known as King v. Burwell to decide whether Americans have access to health insurance subsidies through their State exchanges or whether opponents of the law—the very same people who continued to push for over 40 votes in the House of Representatives to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act, the same people who shut down this government last year because of their obsession with repealing the law—will win out with a paper-thin legal argument. It would not only be a devastating blow to millions of Americans who are currently receiving subsidies for their insurance, but it would destroy the individual health insurance markets in those States and would represent an incredible power grab by the Supreme Court that would undercut the impartiality of that Court."
King V. Burwell March 4, 2015
Richard Blumenthal, D-CT
"Today’s point, whether it is in the Supreme Court or here, should be extraordinarily encouraging about the Congress’s approval of the Affordable Care Act and the fact that it is working across the country. It is succeeding in delivering exactly what was intended, what the Congress promised, what its advocates saw, access for all Americans to affordable health insurance."
Progressive Caucus March 4, 2015
Raúl Grijalva, D-AZ
"The Salmon amendment really made no sense. Undocumented people are not able and cannot receive and participate in the Affordable Care Act. Employers cannot register and have them employed, period, by Federal law. It was just to state the obvious and try to create an issue in which there wasn’t one."
Providing For Congressional Disapproval Of A Rule Submitted By The National Labor Relations Board March 3, 2015
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"The issue at hand is whether Americans who receive the opportunity to buy quality health insurance, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, can get assistance in paying for that care. The law gives our States a choice. Our States can design and manage an insurance exchange on their own or they can allow their citizens to shop on a federally run exchange. Furthermore, the law created tax credits to help Americans afford the cost of health insurance."
The American Health Security Act Of 2015 March 2, 2015
Jim McDermott, D-WA
"The Affordable Care Act was a dramatic step forward in improving the health security of the American people. This landmark law has expanded access to coverage, improved the solvency of our public programs, and made numerous reforms that have saved consumers billions of dollars. As we look for ways to build upon and strengthen the law, we must recognize that millions of Americans continue to fall through the cracks in the private health insurance market. The only way to truly ensure that access to quality health care is a right enjoyed by every American is through a single-payer system."

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