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Commerce, Justice, Science, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2015—Motion To Proceed—Continued June 17, 2014
Robert Menendez, D-NJ
"Never have we held up appointments to so many ambassadorial positions, State Department positions, USAID positions, and representatives to the multilateral development banks. Eighteen of the forty-two pending nominees are ambassadors who would fill important posts in the Czech Republic, Bosnia, Albania, Gabon, Mauritania, Cameroon, Niger, Sierra Leone, Djibouti, and Kuwait. Nearly 20 percent—20 percent—of our total ambassadorial presence in Africa is being held up by the Republican leadership. All of them have waited on average 280 days—280 days—for Senate action. That is unfair to them. It is unfair to their families. It is bad policy. It is unnecessary, irresponsible, and completely unacceptable. And it has to end. It harms our regional coordination on issues such as food, security, and counterterrorism."
Israel April 28, 2014
Ted Cruz, R-TX
"There is no place for this word in the context of the State of Israel. The term “apartheid” means apart, different, and isolated—the state of the victims of apartheid with which the Jews are tragically all too familiar. The notion that Israel would go down that path—and so face the same condemnation that faced South Africa—is unconscionable. The United States should be aggressively asserting that Israel can never be made an apartheid nation while America exists and stands beside her because America will be with Israel regardless of the status of the diplomatic process."
Honoring The 25Th Anniversary Of Books For Africa September 9, 2013
Betty McCollum, D-MN
"Ending the book famine in Africa is the mission that led Thomas Warth to found Books for Africa. Troubled by a chronic shortage of books in Africa and the reality that 40 percent of school-age children do not attend school, Mr. Warth put his vision and enthusiasm into an ongoing commitment to transform lives by facilitating the shipment of container after container of books that put real books in the hands of real people. By sending textbooks to areas with empty shelves and into the hands of children eager to read, learn, and explore the world of literature, Books for Africa is making a difference in the lives of young people. Books for Africa is promoting literacy, and empowering the next generation to break the endless cycle of poverty that will improve quality of life."
Track Them Down July 18, 2013
Ted Poe, R-TX
"So what is our policy when a U.S. Embassy is attacked? More broadly speaking, what is our foreign policy in north Africa? North Africa is a breeding ground for terrorism, and al Qaeda affiliates are being trained and expanding across the entire African continent."
Wasteful Spending On President Obama’S Upcoming Trip To Africa June 14, 2013
George Holding, R-NC
"Mr. Speaker, the fact is that the President’s upcoming trip to Africa is going to be for less than 1 week, and that trip costs 1,350 times more than a week of White House tours. So for the cost of this trip to Africa, you could have 1,350 weeks of White House tours, which the White House has canceled indefinitely due to budget restraints."

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