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Nomination Of Michelle T. Friedland To Be United States Circuit Judge For The Ninth Circuit—Resumed April 10, 2014
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"You and I discussed afterward the fact that there are other things we can do. I think you just alluded specifically to them on the floor, and I wanted to associate myself with your thinking on this and hope that after some 50-years-plus, some fresh thinking on our foreign policy in terms of Cuba may lead to what we ultimately want, and that is giving the Cuban people an opportunity to be part of a real democracy and have real freedoms. Isn’t that right?"
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 April 10, 2014
Xavier Becerra, D-CA
"Our Democratic budget does that; the Republican budget doesn’t. And as a result, we give up, through the Republican budget, an opportunity to reduce our deficits by close to a trillion dollars over the next couple of decades. We give up the opportunity to create close to 3.5 million jobs over the next 10 to 20 years by doing immigration reform, and we give up the chance to strengthen Social Security by doing immigration reform. The Democratic budget makes those investments."
District Of Columbia Statehood April 10, 2014
Eleanor Norton, D-DC
"Congress tyrannically overturns locally passed laws and keeps our local laws from going into existence until they have had an opportunity to look at them, except they don’t. They just leave this costly, delay-ridden requirement in place."
Paycheck Fairness Act—Motion To Proceed—Continued April 8, 2014
John Thune, R-SD
"The Senator from Tennessee, Senator Alexander, is here, and I think he can speak to his amendment. Most of them deal with the pending business, S. 2199, which is the Pay Equity Act that the majority leader expects to get a cloture vote on later. We simply ask to have an opportunity to offer amendments that pertain to that bill, on issues we think are important in addressing the issue that is before us."
Providing For Consideration Of H. Con. Res. 96, Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015, And Providing For Proceedings During The Period From April 11, 2014, Through April 25, 2014 April 8, 2014
Pete Sessions, R-TX
"The Rules Committee last night made in order anything that was a complete substitute or an opportunity to have their bill heard last night. We do not take on what might be one single issue or literally an amendment."

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