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Unanimous Consent Request—H.R. 2126 December 15, 2014
Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH
"While we may not be able to pass the larger bill this session, the Senate still has an opportunity to pass meaningful energy efficiency legislation by passing H.R. 2126. This is bipartisan legislation that was introduced in the House by Representatives McKinley, a Republican from West Virginia, and Welch, a Democrat from Vermont, and passed the House earlier this year with overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle, 375 to 36."
Executive Session December 15, 2014
John Thune, R-SD
"Unfortunately for Senator Wyden and me, along with many of our colleagues in both parties who see an opportunity to get something meaningful enacted before the end of this year, this White House sees yet another opportunity for gridlock. So I would say I strongly believe promoting charitable giving should be a high priority."
Native American Housing Assistance And Self-Determination Reauthorization Act Of 2014 December 2, 2014
Steve Pearce, R-NM
"Mr. Speaker, again, recognizing the gentlelady from Hawaii, we had an opportunity to visit on the floor multiple times, and I recognize her inputs and just again would salute her for her support of the bill."
No Social Security For Nazis Act December 2, 2014
Xavier Becerra, D-CA
"It is important to extend a thank you to the chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee for making sure that, before we ended this year and before we ended this session, we had an opportunity to put our vote on the floor saying, “No, if you don’t earn your benefits, you won’t get them, and if you shouldn’t have been here in the first place, then you certainly shouldn’t get Social Security as well.”"
Disclosure Modernization And Simplification Act Of 2014 December 2, 2014
Marlin Stutzman, R-IN
"The American people are looking for us to ease some of these painful economic burdens, and today, we have an opportunity to support legislation that will have a positive impact on our economy, that which limits the challenges on small business owners and job creators."

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