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Conference Report On S. 524, Comprehensive Addiction And Recovery Act Of 2016 July 8, 2016
Buddy Carter, R-GA
"Many of my colleagues have opposed this conference report and this bill because it does not authorize enough money or it doesn’t provide every provision they want. There are things that I would have changed in this bill, but we have all had an opportunity to amend these provisions, and this has created a bipartisan, bicameral piece of legislation. Overall, this should not be the end of this conversation, but this bill is a good bill and addresses many of the problems Americans face with opioid addiction."
Transportation, Housing And Urban Development, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Conference Report—Continued June 28, 2016
Rob Portman, R-OH
"So who are these miners? In the last several years, I have been at some of the coal mines in Ohio. I have been in aboveground coal mines and underground 600 feet with the coal miners. I have had an opportunity to visit three coal mines, one of them twice. Coal miners also come to a lot of my meetings. They come, they speak up, and they talk about why they believe they deserve to be treated fairly. They have powered this Nation."
Transportation, Housing And Urban Development, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Conference Report June 28, 2016
Richard Blumenthal, D-CT
"We have an opportunity to act on behalf of the people of the United States who have a powerfully important stake in the people of Puerto Rico and the welfare of that island. It is Americans who live there—3.5 million American citizens, who have fought in our wars, given of their culture and heritage to all of us, and have helped make America the greatest, strongest country in the history of the world. They are American citizens who are part of the fabric of this Nation, and the people of Puerto Rico will be the ones who pay the price of a failure on our part to act effectively."
Vieques Training Range June 27, 2016
James Inhofe, R-OK
"This week, the Senate will consider legislation that will impose an oversight board that will set up the bankruptcy court restructuring process. It is important citizens of Puerto Rico and the residents of Vieques realize they still have an opportunity to play a significant role in the nation’s defense—a role that could bring an economic investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to Puerto Rico."
Zika Virus Funding June 23, 2016
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"We also have an opportunity to support our veterans. This agreement substantially increases critical resources to ensure veterans receive benefits and health care they have earned. It will enhance the oversight and accountability at the VA. It will help improve quality of life on military bases for soldiers and their families. It will also advance critical national security projects like missile defense."

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