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40Th Anniversary Of Duke Ellington School Of The Arts July 22, 2014
Eleanor Norton, D-DC
"Established in 1974, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts was designed to reflect the “creative soul” of the District as well as the cultural diversity of the United States. Its mission is to both nurture and inspire passion for arts and learning in talented students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to develop their artistic skills. The Duke Ellington School of the Arts is the only high school in the District that combines a full college-preparatory curriculum with professional arts training. Students are provided with training in areas such as dance, theater, literary media, museum studies, and instrumental or vocal music. The Duke Ellington School of the Arts strives to maintain a unique curriculum in which students are well equipped in both the arts and academia."
Make It In America July 22, 2014
John Garamendi, D-CA
"It is an issue of public policy. We can do this, and in so doing, we can revitalize an important sector of the American economy, the shipbuilding economy, which is found on all of the coasts of America, from Maine, Philadelphia, around in the gulf to San Diego, and all of the way up to Seattle. There are shipyards that are desperate for business, and the LNG export is an opportunity to capture and bring home the shipbuilding, and when it is coupled with the Export-Import Bank issue, we can really restart and rebuild a critical element in the economy of America."
Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act Of 2014 July 22, 2014
Mark Meadows, R-NC
"I also want to echo the comments of the ranking member when he talked about this being a bipartisan effort. Indeed, we have the chairman and the ranking member taking the lead. My colleague Mr. Schneider from Illinois is working with us on this, and the committee staff—our staff—has worked very hard for many, many months to make sure that this is a targeted bill. Today, we have an opportunity to place a critical blow to Hezbollah."
Happy Birthday To Cfpb July 22, 2014
Elizabeth Warren, D-MA
"Stories such as Ari’s and Harry’s show that the consumer agency works and that the agency empowers people. In a badly tilted financial marketplace, the agency is giving consumers a fighting chance. This week is an opportunity to highlight these accomplishments and a reminder of how we can make Washington work for families all across this country."
Legislative Session July 22, 2014
Jack Reed, D-RI
"I would also like to recognize the impact the Newport Jazz Festival has had and continues to have in our great State of Rhode Island. Each year, the thousands who flock to Newport to witness the festival also have an opportunity to experience the treasure of a Rhode Island summer. In this way the Newport Jazz Festival has served as a major source of tourism—an important industry for our State—and should be viewed as a model for other communities to follow."

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