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Occurrences in the Congressional Record

Entry Title Date
Extending Unemployment Insurance April 4, 2014
Steven Horsford, D-NV
"Again, I would like to thank the gentleman from Michigan and my other colleagues who have joined for this Special Order."
Honoring Captain Christopher Mercer, Usn March 13, 2014
John Delaney, D-MD
"I ask that you and my other distinguished colleagues help me in honoring Captain Christopher Mercer, USN, for his distinguished acts of courage during the Navy Yard Shooting on September 16, 2013. Captain Mercer is a hero for his acts on that day, and should be recognized for his remarkable bravery."
Health Care February 26, 2014
Richard Blumenthal, D-CT
"A lot of the promise still has to be fulfilled. A lot of the realization about that promise has to be educated. But we will succeed in that effort. I thank him and my other colleagues who are joining us in seeking to make America realize the great potential and promise that we have, and already the great accomplishments that have been made."
Honoring The Delaware River Yachtsmen’S League February 25, 2014
Robert Brady, D-PA
"I ask you and my other distinguished colleagues to join me in commending the Delaware River Yachtsmen’s League for this distinguished milestone in its already impressive history. May we all seek to emulate the League’s culture of dedication and hard work."
Honoring Nicole Michele Hines February 25, 2014
Robert Brady, D-PA
"I ask that you and my other distinguished colleagues join me in remembering this extraordinary woman who has touched the lives of so many and has left behind a wealth of knowledge and a glowing legacy. She made it her duty to make people understand and respond to the issues at hand and would want all of us to continue her fight."

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