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armenian people

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Tribute To Victims Of The Armenian Genocide May 20, 2015
Adam Schiff, D-CA
"The campaign to annihilate the Armenian people failed, as illustrated by the proud Armenian nation and prosperous diaspora. It is difficult if not impossible to find an Armenian family not touched by the genocide, and while there are some survivors still with us, it is imperative that we record their stories. Through the Armenian Genocide Congressional Record Project, I hope to document the harrowing stories of the survivors in an effort to preserve their accounts and to help educate the Members of Congress now and in the future of the necessity of recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Below is one of those stories: "
Minnesota Remembers The Victims Of The Armenian Genocide April 28, 2015
Betty McCollum, D-MN
"The Armenian people were exposed to torture, starvation, deportation, abduction, and massacre. In addition to mass killings, millions of Armenians were forced into deportation and were expelled from their historic homeland. The framework for the United Nations Convention of the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was, in part, based on this unbelievable crime. Many survivors of this genocide have passed away now, and we are running out of time as an international community to move toward peace and reconciliation in the region. We are running out of time for the victims and those who remember the tragedy to come together and heal."
In Recognition Of The 100Th Anniversary Of The Armenian Genocide April 27, 2015
Stephen Lynch, D-MA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to join with Armenians throughout the United States, Armenia, and the world in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. This past week, members and friends of the Armenian community gathered to remember April 24, 1915, when the arrest and murder of 200 Armenian politicians, academics, and community leaders in Constantinople marked the beginning of an eight-year campaign of extermination against the Armenian people by the Ottoman Empire."
Recognizing The 100Th Anniversary Of The Armenian Genocide April 23, 2015
Jim Costa, D-CA
"In 1915, the Ottoman Empire orchestrated a murderous campaign that resulted in the death of 1.5 million Armenian men, women, and children, and forced hundreds of thousands into exile. Growing up in the land of William Saroyan, I learned the stories of this tragic time from the sons and daughters of survivors time and time again. Refusal to accurately recognize this crime against humanity as genocide hurts both the Armenian people and the American people."
Armenian Genocide April 23, 2015
Robert Dold, R-IL
"As a world leader and as a country that stands for freedom and justice for all, we must recognize the events that occurred and work to change the policies that ignore the actions of the Ottoman Empire against the people of Armenia. The continued campaign of denial sets a dangerous precedent that makes future atrocities and genocides more likely. As the greatest force for human dignity in the world, the United States is long overdue to stand with the Armenian people. We cannot continue to play politics with something that is this important."

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