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Bureau Of Consumer Financial Protection Small Business Advisory Board Act April 10, 2014
Denny Heck, D-WA
"Yet, one group was left out, and that group was America’s small businesses. While identified as “small,” they are mighty when it comes to our local economy and job creation. As a small business owner, I know they have insight to offer during the development of new rules and regulations."
Legislative Session March 26, 2014
Debbie Stabenow, D-MI
"In Michigan 144,000 individuals have signed up for health care, which is nearly 16,000 more people than was actually predicted at this point in time, because people want and need affordable health care. This is not a frill. We cannot control whether somebody in the family gets sick. Now there are things we can do to do our best to stay healthy, but we never know when something is going to happen, no matter our age or our circumstance. We all understand. We all want to make sure our children are covered, whether they are 3 years old or 30 years old. We want to make sure our moms and dads are covered, and we want to make sure we have coverage as a small business owner, that there is access to affordable coverage. People are signing up because this is personal for them and for their families."
Health Exchange Security And Transparency Act January 9, 2014
Ann Wagner, R-MO
"I would now, Mr. Speaker, yield to my good friend, the gentlelady from Tennessee, Representative Diane Black, who has not only spent countless hours championing the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act, but who has tirelessly worked to improve our Nation’s health care as a small business woman and a nurse in Tennessee and now as a Member of Congress. "
Congressional Progressive Caucus December 4, 2013
Mark Pocan, D-WI
"So when we increase wages, we increase consumers’ ability to buy, which increases the gross domestic product and therefore increases jobs. At the very worst, raising minimum wage has no effect on employment, but it does provide a greater standard of living for millions of American workers. That is why 80 percent of Americans support raising the minimum wage, including 57 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of self-identified conservatives. It is a commonsense economic policy; and as a small business owner, I know it is a good business policy."
The Keep Your Health Plan Act November 15, 2013
Tom Reed, R-NY
"I have been hearing, Madam Speaker, from constituents all over western New York, in my district. Two, in particular, I spoke to yesterday. One, from Ithaca, New York, after meeting with a navigator as a small business owner, trying to get health insurance because he received a cancelation notice that they were going to lose their insurance this January 1, told me that he decided to forego health insurance next year because of the cost associated with it."

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