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Honoring Roger Garza March 25, 2015
Henry Cuellar, D-TX
"As a small business owner and Atascosa County native, Mr. Garza has long-been active in local community and political affairs. Prior to his election to Pleasanton’s City Council, he was a key player in the successful redistricting of Atascosa County. This success is what prompted him to run for Pleasanton City Council eighteen years ago. During his eighteen-year tenure on the city council, Roger Garza has supported and overseen the development and completion of the Pleasanton Civic Center, the cleaning of the Atascosa River, and the approval of the construction firm for a new fire station."
Recognizing Jeanne Burton Israel March 25, 2015
Henry Cuellar, D-TX
"A San Antonio native, Jeanne moved to Atascosa County in 1982, becoming the first female Fuel and Ash Operator at San Miguel Electric Power Plant. Two years later she relocated to her current home of Pleasanton. After twelve years at San Miguel Electric, Jeanne Israel started Errand Girl Services, a courier service in Pleasanton. Her position as a small business owner propelled her into local politics and in 2000 she served as Treasurer for the Atascosa County MHMR."
Remembering Mayor John Ford September 19, 2014
Lou Barletta, R-PA
"Prior to serving as mayor of Hazleton, Mayor Ford was the founder and owner of John Ford Trucking and the Hazleton Standard Fuel Co., a small company that continues to service the Hazleton area to this day. Beyond his role as a small business owner, Mayor Ford was very active in the area. He was a member of the Hazleton Elks, West Hazleton Lions, and was on the board of numerous charitable organizations. Mayor Ford continued to serve on multiple committees at the local, state, and federal level after completing his term as mayor."
Bank On Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act—Motion To Proceed September 16, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"But this Kentuckian warned that this action by the NLRB could end his independence as a small business owner by ceding decisions to a far-off corporate headquarters. The NLRB action could have “devastating impacts on my ability to create jobs, grow my businesses and support my community,” he said."
Department Of Defense Appropriations Act, 2015 June 20, 2014
Bill Huizenga, R-MI
"My amendment would prohibit the use of funds by the Defense Logistics Agency to implement the 2012 Small Business Administration’s interim rule in regards to footwear, preventing the Defense Logistics Agency from bidding the contract as a small business set-aside."

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