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Entry Title Date
Congratulating 2014 Missourian Award Recipients Jim Giglio, Clif Smart, And Tom Strong September 19, 2014
Billy Long, R-MO
"Tom Strong founded Strong, Garner, Bauer P.C. in 1976 and is admitted to practice law in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. The Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys awards the Thomas G. Strong Trial Attorney Award in his name to the attorney who is a great example of what a trial lawyer should be. He also authored a book that I thoroughly enjoyed titled ‘Strong Advocate: The Life of a Trial Lawyer.’"
Commending New Jersey High School Seniors May 6, 2014
Robert Menendez, D-NJ
"Mr. President, I wish to honor 59 high school seniors in Camden County, NJ for their commendable decision to enlist in the United States Armed Forces. Of these 59, 18 have elected to join the United States Army: Troy Anderson, Cody Andreczski, Jacob Bauscher, Ennajee Brisbane, Juliana Davis, Nicholas Dzindzio, Kristopher Espinal, Tyler Fisher, Glenn Gray, Rajven Herrera, Austin Hughes, Velez Lopez Velez, Anthony Nigro, Chandler Pons, Tyron Robinson, Orlando Santos, Joshua White, and Gordon Zenzola. Five have joined the United States Navy: Raul Paneto, Spencer Wiggin, Taquayla Wilson, Angel Gonzalez, and Kenneth Ralph. Five have elected to join the United States Air Force: Ryan Swift, Ryan Bauer, Alam Nazmul, Christian Burgos, and Alex Thach. Nineteen have elected to join the United States Marine Corps: Michael Porch, Thomas Hutchison, Johnny Nunez, Jerome Williamston, Jordan Freeman, David Zane, Anthony Reed, Emily Krowicki, Randy Nguyen, Nicholas Celenza, Ian MacKenzie, William Hemphill, Steven Charyszyn, James Pitcher, Ryan Gustafson, Douglas Bardalesarevalo, Ezekiel Williams, Kyle Azzari, and Michael Hurley. And 12 have elected to join the New Jersey National Guard: Caitlyn Mount, Clarimar Rodriguez-Vargas, Zachary Blome, Christopher Foschini, Michael Lombardo, Kevin Martina, Patrick Martina, Patrick O’Hanlon, Kristie Siegman, Christopher Robinson, Kylah Thomas, and Charles Reiss."
Carly Bauer March 6, 2014
Ed Perlmutter, D-CO
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize and applaud Carly Bauer for receiving the Arvada Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth award. Carly Bauer is an 11th grader at Ralston Valley High School and received this award because her determination and hard work have allowed her to overcome adversities. The dedication demonstrated by Carly Bauer is exemplary of the type of achievement that can be attained with hard work and perseverance. It is essential students at all levels strive to make the most of their education and develop a work ethic which will guide them for the rest of their lives. I extend my deepest congratulations to Carly Bauer for winning the Arvada Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth award. I have no doubt she will exhibit the same dedication and character in all of her future accomplishments."
Rabbinic Statement: “Step By Step Toward Shalom With Iran” January 10, 2014
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"As Rabbis, Cantors, and other Clergy serving the American Jewish community, we are deeply committed, as Jewish tradition teaches— to the shalom—peace, social justice, functioning democratic process, and ecological sanity—of the country where we live—all of which would be damaged by still another unnecessary war; to the shalom, peace and security, of the State of Israel, to its democratic character, and to its special relationship with the Jewish people; to unequivocal action by all the Arab-majority and Muslim- majority states to make peace with Israel, and to Israel’s unequivocal action to make peace with all its neighbors, including an emergent Palestine; to our respect and our prayers for salaam, peace and justice, among our cousins in the Abrahamic tradition, Arab and Muslim civilizations; to the peace and prosperity of all the “70 nations” of the world; and to the healing of our wounded planet. For all these reasons, we welcome warmly the greatly increased possibility of a peaceful resolution of the conflicts among the U.S., Iran, Israel, and other nations. We especially welcome the new attitudes toward the Jewish people and toward the nuclear issue set forth by the new President of Iran, and his assertion that Iran will never hold nuclear weapons. We also recall the fatwa and repeated assertions by Grand Ayatollah Khamenei that for Iran to possess nuclear weapons would violate Islam. We urge the U.S. and Iran to move swiftly to agree on a step-by-step process of reducing and ultimately ending sanctions against Iran in accord with steps by Iran to make its nuclear research transparent and to allow verification that its research is directed wholly toward civilian uses of nuclear energy. We believe that such a step-by-step process is the best way to guarantee that both parties are fulfilling their commitments. We urge Iran to make clear its full acceptance of Israel as a legitimate state in the fabric of international relations, protected like all other states from aggression and attack. We urge the Government of Israel to welcome steps by Iran to make clear and verifiable its commitment to use nuclear energy and research for peaceful purposes only, not for pursuit of nuclear weaponry, and while this process is under way, we urge Israel to end hostile acts and statements toward Iran. We urge the peoples of the United States, Iran, and Israel to reject and oppose all statements and actions from whatever source that undermine the swift and thorough achievement of agreements to ensure the civilian nature of Iran’s nuclear program and to end sanctions against Iran. We urge the American people to recognize and do tshuvah (“turning” or “repentance”) for the ethical errors of our own government toward Iran particularly—the U.S. Government’s intervention in 1953 to overthrow the democratically elected reform government of Iran; U.S. actions to support the tyrannical regime of the Shah until the Iranian people overthrew it in 1979; and U.S. support for Iraq’s wars of aggression against Iran in the 1980s, including U.S. support for Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons to kill 100,000 Iranians. We urge the Iranian people to do tshuvah for their government’s demonization of the United States and Israel, for its holding U.S. diplomats hostage for more than a year in 1979-1980, and for the support it seems to have covertly given for attacks on Israeli citizens. We believe that this combination of governmental acts and public rethinking and re-feeling can move American society, the entire Middle East, and the world toward the shalom that Judaism yearns for. Signed: Shalom, Initiating Signers: Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Rabbi Everett Gendler, Rabbi Marc Gopin, Rabbi Dr. David Gordis, Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Rabbi Gerry Serotta, Rabbi David Shneyer, Rabbi Susan Talve, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Rabbi Sheila Weinberg, Rabbi Rebecca Alpert, Rabbi Ethan Bair. Kohenet Ellie Barbarash, Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, Rabbi Benjamin Barnett, Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Rabbi Renee Bauer, Rabbi Dennis Beck-Berman, Rabbi Leonard Beerman, Rabbi Marjorie Berman, Rabbi Phyllis Berman, Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, Rabbi Binyamin Biber, Kohenet Shoshana Bricklin, Rabbi Jason Bright, Rabbi Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, Rabbi Joshua Chasan, Rabbi Aryeh Cohen. Rabbi Andrea Cohen Kiener, Rabbi Hillel Cohn, Rabbi David J. Cooper, Rabbi Robert Dobrusin, Rabbi Art Donsky, Rabbi Doris Dyen, Rabbi Renee Edelman, Rabbi Diane Elliot, Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Kohenet Ahava Lilith EverShine, Rabbi Ted Falcon, Rabbi Charles Feinberg, Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Rabbi Fern Feldman, Rabbi Brian Field, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone. Rabbi Nancy Flam, Rabbi Jeff Foust, Rabbi Ruth Gais, Rabbi Hillel Gamoran, Maggid Andrew Gold, Rabbi Dan Goldblatt, Rabbi Laurie Green, Rabbi Julie Greenberg, Rabbi Moshe Halfon, Rabbi/Kohenet Jill Hammer, Rabbi Edwin Harris, Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, Kohenet Judith Hollander, Rabbi Linda Holtzman, Rabbi Shaya Isenberg. Rabbi Burt Jacobson, Rabbi Josh Jacobs-Velde, Kohenet Sharon Jaffe, Rabbi Melissa Klein, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Rabbi David L Kline, Rabbi Debra Kolodny, Rabbi Douglas Krantz, Rabbi Hannah Laner, Rabbi Daniel Lehrman, Rabbi Jason van Leeuwen, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Kohenet Carly “Ketzirah” Lesser, Rabbi Richard Levy, Rabbi Annie Lewis, Rabbi Andrea London. Cantor Abbe Lyons, Rabbi Jeffrey Marker, Rabbi Nathan Martin, Rabbi J. Rolando Matalon, Maggid Melvin Metelits, Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, Kohenet Tiana Mirapai, Rabbi David Mivasair, Rabbi Lee Moore, Hazan Judith Naimark, Rabbi Laura Owens, Cantor Steven Puzarne, Rabbi Victor Reinstein, Cantor Stephen Richards, Rabbi/Kohenet Margie Klein Ronkin, Rabbi Moti Rieber, Rabbi Brant Rosen, Cantor Aviva Rosenbloom, Cantor Richard Rosenfield, Rabbi Jeff Roth, Kohenet Mei Mei Sanford, Hazan Pamela Sawyer, Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Rabbi Chaim Schneider, Rabbi Randy Schoch, Kohenet Alumah Schuster, Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal, Rabbi Jonathan Slater, Rabbi Eric Solomon. Cantor Robin Sparr, Rabbi David Spitz, Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Rabbi Margot Stein, Rabbi Naomi Steinberg, Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill, Rabbi Danielle Stillman, Rabbi Alana Suskin, Rabbi Louis Sutker, Rabbi Daniel Swartz, Rabbi Renae Toben, Rabbi Brian Walt, Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, Hazan Gregory Yaroslow, Rabbi Barbara Zacky, Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman."
The Scourge Of Minor Sex Trafficking September 26, 2013
Ted Poe, R-TX
"American Association of University Women (AAUW), American Bar Association (ABA), Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center, Araminta Freedom Initiative, Attorney General of Texas Greg Abbott, Aware, Inc., Breaking Free, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Child Justice, Inc., Child Welfare League of America, Children’s Advocacy Institute- Sacramento, Children’s Assessment Center-Houston, Children’s Defense Fund, Children at Risk, Council on Church Financial Integrity. County Welfare Directors Association of California, Courtney’s House, Covenant House International, Crittenton Services for Children and Families, Division of Indian Work, Erik L. Bauer, Attorney at Law, WA, Empire State Coalition of Youth and Family Services, End Child Prostitution and Trafficking-USA Equality4Women, Equality Now, Florida Coalition Against Trafficking, Foster Family-based Treatment, Association Fraternal Order of Police, Futures Without Violence, Georgia Women For a Change, Inc., Girls for Gender Equity. Give Way to Freedom, Harris County, TX Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Heartland Girls Ranch, Human Rights Project for Girls, Illinois, Innocents at Risk, International Association of Chiefs of Police, International Initiative to End Child Labor, Jesse Duplantis Ministries, Jewish Women International, Junior League of Seattle, Lakewood Church, Lauren’s Kids, Lutheran Social Services of New England MaleSurvivor. Maryland Human Trafficking Taskforce, Men Can Stop Rape, Minnesota Alliance on Crime, Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center, Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition, Multnomah County, OR Department of Community Justice, Nancy O’Malley, District Attorney, Alameda County, CA, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV), National Association for Children’s Behavioral Health, National Association of Council for Children, National Association of County Human Services Administrators, National Association of Police Organizations, Inc., National CASA Association, National Center for Housing and Child Welfare. National Children’s Alliance, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, National District Attorneys Association, National Domestic Violence Hotline, National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), National Network for Youth (NN4Y), National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), National Organization of Women, National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, New Media Company, New York State Anti- Trafficking Coalition NOMI Network, PACE Center for Girls. People Against Violent Crime, Perhaps Kids Meeting Kids Can Make a Difference, Pierce County, WA Coalition Against Trafficking, PROTECT, Sanctuary for Families, Saving Innocence, Sensibilities Prevention Services, Sex Trafficking Survivors United, Shared Hope International, Sheriff Marlin Gusman, Sheriff of New Orleans Sheriff Thomas Dart, Cook County Illinois Sheriff Southeast King County, WA Coalition Against Trafficking, State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Washington District 36. State Senator Sandra L. Pappas, Minnesota District 48 and President of Senate, Street Grace, Susan D. Reed, District Attorney, Bexar County, TX, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA), Texas CASA, The Advocates for Human Rights, The Center for Children & Youth Justice The Demand Project, The Family Partnership, The Freedom Center of New Orleans, The National Crittenton Foundation, The NYC Association of Runaway, Homeless, and Street-Involved Youth Organizations. The Protection Project, The Women’s Center of Tarrant County, The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, To Love Children Educational Foundation International, Inc., Washington Engage, Witness Justice, World Hope International, World Vision International, YouthCare youthSpark/A Future. Not A Past."

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