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Issues Of The Day May 19, 2016
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"You could go back to Libya, the attack of Benghazi. We now know from what has been gathered from emails and information that Secretary Clinton basically told the President of Libya: We know that this Benghazi attack was not on a video, in essence, and that it was a planned attack. She told her daughter."
Funding The Federal Government April 27, 2016
David Perdue, R-GA
"In Moron, Spain, we have a contingent of marines and one of their missions is to protect our embassies in Africa. Post-Benghazi, that takes on a new level of importance. These marines do a great job. They are the very best of what we have in America. They are ready to go. The problem is that because of budget constraints, their fleet of airplanes, the V-22 Ospreys, is getting cut in half, and that fundamentally cuts their ability to complete their mission in half. So they will not be able to fulfill the mission they have today the way they are supposed to because of our own intransigence."
Nomination Of Merrick Garland April 20, 2016
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Where is Senator Grassley’s focus on government waste while the so-called Benghazi Select Committee continues to spend millions and millions of dollars on a political hit job with no end in sight? Every day the Judiciary Committee has a new excuse, a new justification for why it will not do its job. I think we all have news for the Senator from Iowa: No one is buying it."
Filling The Supreme Court Vacancy April 5, 2016
Harry Reid, D-NV
"I objected to that bill because that legislation was really a legislative overreach, just as my friend the senior Senator from Iowa continues his overreach by turning the Senate Judiciary Committee into, for example, a Benghazi committee—a narrowly partisan committee masquerading as an independent party. It is the same theory that had Secretary Clinton spending 11 or 12 hours before the committee during the course of 1 day. That hearing was a flop because of her assertiveness, her direct answering of questions, and her physical and emotional strength, standing and sitting during that time."
Providing For Consideration Of H. Res. 639, Authorizing The Speaker To Appear As Amicus Curiae On Behalf Of The House March 17, 2016
Louise Slaughter, D-NY
"But what do we do here? We vote 64 times to take health care away from people. We have Benghazi hearings, which come to nothing. We have had eight in the House. Many chairs of those committees have said there is nothing there, so we set up a Select Committee to look at it again and spend millions of dollars to see what they can find."

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